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London's segmental lining development
01 October, 2004
Tunnel engineering technology evolves and improves with every project. Several projects in the UK that illustrate some recent developments in segmental tunnel lining technology include Section 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), and Crossrail's Moorhouse Shaft, in London. Technical journalist, Chris Webb, discusses some of London's modern and traditional segmental lining methods

Tunnels in the sky - ChongZun Express
01 July, 2004
Low-lying cloud and precipitous access routes are not often major hazards in tunnel construction, but on a major new highway scheme in China they are just some of the routine challenges being overcome to build 'tunnels in the sky'. Nick Swannell, associate director of Halcrow China Ltd, Yuhua Gong, senior engineer, and Guiming Wang, engineer, for the Guizhou Expressway Development Corporation, review current tunnelling progress on the ChongZun Expressway, which at its peak has had some 55 different tunnel drives under construction at the same time

Fire considerations on the CTRL Tunnels
01 May, 2004
The UK's Channel Tunnel Rail Link Section 2 features long stretches of twin bore rail tunnel under London. Eddie Woods, RLE London Tunnels Area project engineer, and Arup director, and Paul Scott, Arup associate, describe the cross passage design and fire considerations for the lining