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Prepared for the long haul
18 October, 2011
Since precast concrete segmental tunnel lining was invented, there has never been so much development of the ‘product’ as in recent years, even though, superficially, it may look the same. Maurice Jones looks at some of these developments aimed at increasing tunnelling progress whilst avoiding mishaps

Lining with security and efficiency
14 February, 2011
Second only to the ‘excitement’ of watching paint dry in frustration stakes, at least in tunnelling, is waiting for concrete to cure. Maurice Jones examines how formwork and concrete mixtures are increasing the efficiency of cast in situ concrete tunnel lining

Portal to point of use
11 February, 2011
There is no operation in tunnelling where timing is as important as it is in concrete delivery, whether the material is for permanent cast in situ lining, sprayed concrete lining or grouting. Thus the means of delivery must be reliable and available, compact enough to work within tunnel section availability (including mucking out operations), and convenient to use at the point of delivery where space is also likely to be at a premium. Maurice Jones examines the various means of tunnel concrete transport

In the mix on site
11 February, 2011
There are many considerations when deciding how to supply the concrete necessary for lining and support in most tunnelling projects. Not least of these are how to source large volumes of material on site, and to deliver it to the location of use. With usually restricted surface space, and often long transport distances, this is no easy task. Maurice Jones checks on some developments to make it easier

The Italian jobs
11 February, 2011
Tunnelling is booming in Italy, with four major projects under construction and a further eight at the tender, design or financing stage. John McKenna reports