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Arup background in Crossrail Board changes
14 July, 2011

Spanish armada sinks competition
11 February, 2011

Driving at Heathrow
01 June, 2009

Further progress for Crossrail
30 January, 2009

Chasing down risk
15 June, 2007
Despite progress in risk sharing, a survey of PPP players cites tunnelling as an inherently risky asset class. Can a stronger culture of engineering leadership narrow the gap in perception? Report by Patrick Reynolds

Managing risk at T5
01 April, 2005
The very well attended 20 January 2005 meeting of the British Tunnelling Society heard a presentation by Ian Williams, the T5 Tunnels Delivery Manager for BAA who described some of the key aspects of managing risk for the tunnelling carried out for the Terminal 5 project at Heathrow

Hammering along at Heathrow
01 July, 2004
Underground construction for London Heathrow Airport's new Terminal 5 scheme is progressing rapidly, with a number of tunnelling projects now complete. Assistant editor, Patrick Hudd, visited the site this May and reports on the current Piccadilly Line and Heathrow Express extensions

Scottish EARL goes under
01 March, 2004

X-rail business case launched
01 October, 2003

New head for T5
03 September, 2003

Flying ahead at Terminal 5
01 September, 2003
As part of Heathrow Airport's new Terminal 5 project, numerous underground works are required, including a Storm Water Outfall Tunnel, a service tunnel under the A3044, and extensions to the Piccadilly Line and Heathrow Express. Peter Clarke, planning manager, and Selby Thacker, production leader, for the Morgan Vinci JV, and Ian Williams, BAA project leader, describe the bored tunnel works currently in progress

The ART of success under Heathrow
01 September, 2003
Exactly one year after tunnelling commenced on the 1.3km long twin-bore Airside Road Tunnel (ART) project, under the UK's busiest airport taxi-ways, breakthrough was successfully achieved. Ian Williams, BAA project leader, and Selby Thacker, production leader for the Morgan Vinci JV, describe the challenges met during the project

ART's success was TBM design
01 July, 2003

A valid choice for comparison?
01 May, 2003

Mott launches PM company
02 April, 2003

Monitoring changes in instrumentation
01 December, 2002
Chris Rasmussen, technical director of ITM-Soil, looks at recent trends in instrumentation and monitoring and describes how these were utilised when the 9.3m diameter Heathrow Airside Tunnel TBM crossed 3.5m above the 'live' 5.8m diameter Heathrow Express Tunnel earlier this year

Heathrow's ART takes off
01 July, 2002
In the sensitive confines of an airside tunnel construction site, planning ahead to minimise settlement near a busy runway is vital. Tris Thomas reports from the ART project at the UK's Heathrow airport where extensive measures have been undertaken to aid the smooth construction of the project's 1.3km long, 8.1m i.d. twin tunnels

BTS debate - Certifiably argumentative
05 May, 2002
On the 21st March 2002, The British Tunnelling Society held it's annual debate. The motion proposed to the house, "Self-Certification is Dangerous for Tunnelling", produced a strongly argued discussion, which generated a very close result

Automated quality for Heathrow's tunnels
01 May, 2002
A new purpose built factory has been constructed at Ridham Dock, on the UK's North Kent coast, to manufacture tunnel lining segments for BAA's Airside Road and Terminal 5 projects at Heathrow Airport. Michael Town, precast manager for Morgan Est, describes the automated set-up and quality systems

Miller acquisition strengthens new parent
21 September, 2001