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To cast or not to cast
08 December, 2016
Vincent van de Vrie, discusses the merits of cast-in gaskets for precast concrete tunnel ring segments

Impervious Infrastructure
08 December, 2016
Spray on waterproof membranes remain a niche market but when it comes to complex geometries and potential tunnel design the advantages are becoming more widely understood and accepted

Two Tribes
08 December, 2016
The first on-site comparison between NAtM and Adeco-RS during construction of the “Dubler Kurortnogo prospekta” tunnels in Sochi (Russia)

Oh MIA Bella Madonnina
06 December, 2016
Paola De Pascali visited sites of Milan Metro Line 4, which will cross the city from West to East along the old town centre and Roman ruins

Cowi UK Comes Together
05 December, 2016
As Cowi acquisitions Donaldson Associates and Flint & Neill prepare to form Cowi UK in the New Year, Tunnels & Tunnelling speaks to Andy Sloan, managing director of Donaldson Associates about the new changes and the journey from “Donaldson’s” as it is known in the UK, to Cowi

Dubai waterworks
25 November, 2016
AL Naboodah has been engaged to divert utilities in advance of the Dubai Water Canalproject. the job called for microtunnelling, as well as HDD close to piling work

Namma Metro
25 November, 2016
Bangalore’s metro construction was never supposed to be so complex, but after years of difficult tunnelling and unexpectedly harsh ground conditions, it had proven itself otherwise. With multiple tBMs boring in the north-south and east-west directions, the critical path lay through Majestic Station, a crossroads for both lines. Robbins field service were called to the job, Robbins technical writer Desiree Willis reports

Under Cut
23 November, 2016
in February 2016 construction company Bessac completed work on a protection tunnel in extremely difficult geology in south Florida. in just ten months and using a customized machine designed especially for the mission, a 3.13m Herrenknecht Combined shield, 1,613m were tunnelled adhering to the highest safety standards. A new sewer line was installed in the finished tunnel – after half a century in use the old pipe was simply worn out. this report from the tBM manufacturer describes some of the challenges

Celestino sets strategy
18 November, 2016
The ITA has released this Q&A with new president Tarcisio Celestino

Urban underground
03 November, 2016
The cut and cover method often requires special solutions to overcome challenges of difficult geotechnical conditions, constraints due to the built environment and restrictions due to the operating systems maintaining an urban environment. Steve Fogarasi and Elia Rizkalla, of Kenaidan Contracting, look at the basic concept and procedures of cut and cover construction, with case studies from the Ontario region.

Northern challenges
03 November, 2016
Road tunnel excavations in Iceland are a tough test of endurance in complex geology, such as at the Vadlaheidi project. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Nordic Neighbors
03 November, 2016
The ITA’s Nordic Forum provides an opportunity for canada and other nations to exchange information. Tunnels & Tunnelling looks at projects underway in the region

In house
03 November, 2016
The City of Edmonton is known as having one of the most unique utility departments across North America - with more than 40 years of experience and knowledge of tunnelling. Nicole Robinson looks at recent work for TBM refurbishment

Smooth flight
03 November, 2016
Dibco-CRS holed through on a microtunnelling job through glacial till under Canada’s largest and busiest airport late last year. Nicole Robinson reports

Waterfront work
03 November, 2016
With a focus on improving the water quality and reducing combined sewer overflows, Toronto Water is undertaking its largest tunnelling programme to date. Nicole Robinson reports on the design of the Don River and Central Waterfront Project.

Up to speed
03 November, 2016
TAC's regional directors provide their annual reports with project updates and other chapter information.

Oslo four
31 October, 2016
Two 20km tunnels are underway for the high-speed Follo line project, Norway's biggest scheme and one of the largest in Europe. Report and pictures by Adrian Greeman

Election year
31 October, 2016
Tunnel work in the US has seen support from voters in some local elections and possibly more this November. Nicole Robinson, editor of Tunnels and Tunnelling North America highlights tunnel projects across the country

Heritage brand
31 October, 2016
A buoyed tunnelling industry and a number of domestic political gestures are restoring confidence in uK manufacturing. Davy Markham is one brand looking to increase its showing in the tunnelling industry. Alex Conacher reports

Underground knuckle booms
31 October, 2016
One crane manufacturer has developed a crane it thinks would be ideal for underground applications and invites tunnellers to confirm