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Fibre decider
27 October, 2009
Designers have a range of options when specifying fibre reinforcement but some are more suited to underground structures than others. Charles Allen of London’s Tunneling Ltd examines the options

Protecting Gotthard’s cut-and-cover
27 October, 2009
Alessandro Ferrari of Lombardi Engineering Ltd looks at how passive fire protection being used to protect Gotthard’s cut-and cover Bidio Section

Passive resistance
27 October, 2009
Claire Verani of MEYCO Global Underground Construction examines the use of passive fire protection

A mixed response to Guangzhou
24 October, 2009
EPB TBMs measure up to mixed geology in Guangzhou

Deep seated
24 October, 2009
South Korea is constructing the deepest immersed tube roadway attempted at a depth of 48m

Composite solution
05 June, 2009
Claire A Verani, Design Interface Manager, Meyco Global Underground Construction, BASF Construction Chemicals describes a fully bonded waterproofing membrane

Protecting LUL’s assets
05 June, 2009
Paul Steen, Mohsen Vaziri, and Tim Hartlib of consultants Ramboll UK, describe the protection works undertaken to protect LUL assets close to the construction of a large-scale basement

Canada Line’s ground stability in EPBM
05 June, 2009
At January’s British Tunnelling Society meeting, Jeff Hewitt SVP of Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc, Professor Dan Eisenstein of the University of Alberta, and Marco Moccichino of SELI contractors presented the challenges of EPBM tunnelling and the interaction on soil conditioning

Opening sets - the flat arch theory
02 June, 2009
Michele Mangione, Senior Tunnel Engineer, Arup describes here in his BTS?Harding Prize winning paper how the flat arch theory was used to create openings in cast iron tunnels with minimal disruption

T&TI and the ITA
02 June, 2009
ITA president Martin Knights reflects on the long-standing relationship between the ITA and T&TI and describes how the ITA has evolved

Forty Years of Tunnels & Tunnelling
02 June, 2009
A retrospective view by Colin Mackenzie

A date to remember...
29 May, 2009

Concrete casting
23 April, 2009
In the field of cast in-situ lining, recent trends in customer requirements in addition to cost efficiency include better fuel economy, work-ability over longer periods, greater pumping parameters, faster erection and removal of formwork. Maurice Jones reports

Probability and risk management
23 April, 2009
Philip Sander and Markus Spiegl of SSP Bau-Consult GmbH, and Eckart Schneider from University of Innsbruck describe a computational method using probability for managing risk

Mine stabilisation beneath Hatfield
23 April, 2009
The joint British Tunnelling Society and Min-South meeting of February 2009 saw a presentation on the stabilisation of old mine workings beneath the Briars Lane area of Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK, by Chris Milne a geotechnical consultant to Hyder Consulting, Andrew O’Donovan of BAM Ritchies, and John Rigby-Jones of RJM Ground Solutions Ltd.

Building new links in Budapest
22 April, 2009
On 16 March, the second EPBM on Phase 1 of Budapest’s Metro Line 4 reached Szent Gellért station, the halfway point on the new link. Eszter Kalman, geotechnical engineer with DBR Metro Project Directory, provides an overview of the line and station construction

Spain’s synthetic reinforcement
22 April, 2009
Rolando Justa Camara and Néstor Moyà i Rubiralta of Acciona describe work on Spain’s much needed Oliola water tunnel

Asbestos isolation
22 April, 2009
C. Alessio & G. Kalamaras of A&K Geotechnical Engineering, S. Pelizza & D. Peila from Politecnico di Torino, and C. Testa & P. L. Carlucci of ANAS SpA, explain how an underground repository will be used to store a zone of asbestos that has halted excavation on the Cesana road tunnel in Italy

The Achrain Tunnel – a bridge underground
22 April, 2009
Helmut Westermayr, project director for Beton- und Monierbau describes construction of the Achrain road tunnel in Austria

Cash in a crisis
20 April, 2009