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Negotiating the North Eastern Line
01 December, 2002
An underground journey in Singapore opened the new season of BTS meetings in London in September 2002, with a presentation from Peter Chiappa, area manager Asia Pacific, and Wolfgang Freitzsche, managing director, of Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, detailing the demanding requirements, troublesome ground conditions and ultimate resounding success of Contract 704 on the State's new North Eastern Line (NEL) metro

Challenging soil conditions at Porto
01 December, 2002
Tunnelling consultant, Nicola Della Valle, reviews progress on the Porto light metro extension in Portugal, where difficult ground conditions have posed serious challenges to engineers

Monitoring changes in instrumentation
01 December, 2002
Chris Rasmussen, technical director of ITM-Soil, looks at recent trends in instrumentation and monitoring and describes how these were utilised when the 9.3m diameter Heathrow Airside Tunnel TBM crossed 3.5m above the 'live' 5.8m diameter Heathrow Express Tunnel earlier this year

Tunnelling through Tanzania
01 December, 2002
The Lower Kihansi Hydropower Project in Tanzania was the first project in the world to adopt a water head as high as 850m in an unlined pressure tunnel. A Halvorsen, senior geologist and J Lindemark, project manager for NORPLAN and F X Saidi, director of projects for TANESCO describe the project and, in particular, the hydrological behaviour of the rock mass along the pressurised tunnel

Broadening horizons
01 December, 2002

Multiple methods for Uetliberg tunnel
01 November, 2002
The 4.4km long Uetliberg Tunnel, the key structure on Zurich's western bypass, is being constructed by an array of techniques. Daniel Marti and Stefan Maurhofer of the project consultant Amberg Engineering, Josef Bolliger, project leader for the Uetli JV and Otto Schnelli representing the client discuss progress

Refining design on the Black Hill tunnels
01 November, 2002
A constructive partnering environment on Contract 603, Black Hill Tunnels, part of the Tseung Kwan O Entension Project in Hong Kong, enabled optimisation of several aspects of the design. The design-build contract involved complex setting-out and closely spaced excavations. N G Swannell, associate director of Halcrow Group, R Harris, principal engineer for Halcrow Pacific and C Burgess, design engineer for Halcrow China, explain

Winning in China
01 November, 2002
While foreign construction companies have widely been able to work in China since 1994, the country's recent membership to the World Trade Organisation coupled with a new national tendering law, is making the process far easier. Keith Wallis examines the current state of the Chinese tunnelling industry and explores recent contract awards and future opportunities for international tunnelling companies

A parliamentary forum for underground space
01 November, 2002

El Azhar road tunnel Cairo's new frontier
01 November, 2002
The 2.4km long, twin bore El Azhar road tunnel was designed and built in just 40 months to Europe's highest fire-safety standard. The project pioneered the use of a re-inforced sacrificial lining and also includes an unusual user escape system. Bill Welburn and Xavier de Nettancourt of Vinci Construction Grands Projets, describe the design and construction of the tunnel

Passive protection against fire
01 November, 2002
G A Khoury, chairman of the FIB International Committee 4.3.1 "Fire design for concrete structures" and scientific manager of the UPTUN European project "Upgrading Tunnels" describes the options for passive tunnel lining protection

The history and future of fire tests
01 November, 2002
Ricky Carvel, research associate studying fires in tunnels at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, describes recent research into the phenomena of tunnel fires. He also points out areas where more in-depth research is needed and some of the worrying trends that have developed through commercially driven fire tests

Competence in the tunnelling industry
01 November, 2002
Prior to their forthcoming lecture, which will be presented to British Tunnelling Society members on 21 November, Douglas Allenby of Edmund Nuttall, Bob Ibell of London Bridge Associates and Peter Jewell of Halliburton KBR, explain the need for an independent assessment of competence within the British tunnelling industry, and discuss current training initiatives

Development of the slurry machine
01 November, 2002
"Northern cities sinking as water table falls." This newspaper heading dated 11 August 2001, from the South China Morning Post by Michael Ma brings to mind a similar problem experienced by Mexico City which, in turn, gave rise to one of the earliest practical uses of a Slurry Machine. In this excerpt from the Encyclopaedia of Tunnelling, Mining and Drilling Equipment, Barbara Stack describes the Universal Softground TBM

Carlo Grandori
21 October, 2002
6 June 1911 - 17 September 2002 By Dick Robbins, friend and collaborator

AGD buys Iseki
16 October, 2002

The show goes on… and on… and on….
01 October, 2002

The cutting edge - ICUTROC
01 October, 2002
Until recently, use of roadheaders in harder rock has raised excavation costs sharply. Karlheinz Gehring, head of the Geotechnical Department at Voest Alpine Bergtechnik GmbH, describes the ICUTROC R&D initiative, that has been undertaken to develop roadheader hard rock cutting technology

Following the French connection – A86
01 October, 2002
The contentious 10km long, A86 highway tunnel, forms the last section of the Paris ring motorway. The single-bore, double road deck design has been a subject of scrutiny, following a series of European tunnel fires. Adrian Greeman recently visited the project works

Insuring an industry
01 October, 2002
As a result of some recent high-profile incidents within the industry, insurers have been increasingly concerned that tunnelling was becoming uninsurable in the market. A joint working party, between the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) and the Association of British Insurers (ABI), has since produced a draft Code of Practice that would allow insurers to continue to offer cover. Presentation of the draft Joint Code of Practice to BTS members took place on 4 July 2002, followed by an in-depth discussion