Wuxi opens first metro line

8 July 2014

The first metro line in Wuxi, a city of 6.3 million inhabitants in China's eastern Jiangsu province, was inaugurated on 1 July by the city's mayor Mr. Wang Quan.

Line 1 runs for 29.5km from Yanqiao in the north to Changguangxi in the south with 24 stations. Most of the route is underground, with only 7km on an elevated alignment.

Services are operated by a fleet of 23 six-car Type B metro trains supplied by CSR Zhuzhou, which accommodate up to 1,846 passengers.

An east-west Line 2, running from Meiyuan to Anzhen, is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in December. It too will be mostly underground, with 6.5km on an elevated alignment out of a total length of 26.5km; the route will have 22 stations.

The city plans to ultimately construct a five-line network totalling 157.7km with 111 stations.