Whiteball Tunnel to be refurbished

8 March 2018

Great Britain – Murphy has been awarded a GBP 2.4M (USD 3.33M) contract for tunnel maintenance on the Whiteball Tunnel in Somerset.

The client is Network Rail, which has brought Murphy on board to provide sprayed concrete lining onto the ram arch, improve drainage and carry out various safety works and checks.

The tunnel is brick-lined, which is worn to the extent that a total of 345m, split into six sections, require SCL work. The SCL will use macrosynthetic fibres. The ram arch was installed at an earlier project phase.

Work will begin at the site June 2018 with extensive survey works being carried out within the tunnel to establish the exact data for detailed design to commence. Actual construction work will take place during a 23-day tunnel closure in March 2019 and will ensure the lifespan of the tunnel for the next 100 years.