Tunnel Building for cutting-edge research

27 September 2023

A particle accelerator called FAIR is being built in Darmstadt on the site of the GSI Helmholz Centre for Heavy Ion Research.

To deliver the project PORR GmbH is handling the construction of the 1.1 kilometre long accelerator tunnel, in the form of a ring, as well as the building parts above it.

Construction will include the crossing structure with underground transfer hall. From the transfer hall, the ion beam will be directed into the accelerator ring after commissioning. The construction of the connected main supply building was also part of the contract.

Porr’s special civil engineering team, as part of the consortium, had already laid the foundations for the accelerator tunnel by improving the ground conditions.

A prerequisite for the construction of the structures was the development of new, innovative construction methods.

In order to solve the construction task safely, PORR's team co-ordinated at their central Innherlab, across their structural engineering, structural design, building materials technology and TGA teams