15 July 2022

TBM Dame Whina Cooper is making great progress and broke through at Karangahape today (15/07/2022) on its way to bore the second and final bored tunnel to midtown.

The journey so far from the Link Alliance Mt Eden Station construction site has taken three months. The machine has travelled 900m, placed 526 segment rings and removed 74,000 tonnes of spoil.

The TBM will be pushed forward through the 230-metre tunnel cavern to the site of the other station entrance at Beresford Square before continuing its journey.

It’s expected to reach Mayoral Drive around September.

The City Rail Link is a 3.45 km underground rail link, with parallel tunnels reaching depths of 32 metres below Auckland. It will double rail capacity by connecting Mt Eden to Britomart. Two new stations, Aotea and Karangahape, are being constructed with the former Mt Eden Station also being redeveloped giving access to the City Rail Link and the Western Line.

You can follow the machine’s progress at www.digcrl.co.nz.