Seattle LRT tunnel one-third complete

6 October 2017

US - Tunnel construction has advanced more than 700ft (213m) of the total 2,000ft (610m) drive below Bellevue, Washington, as part of Seattle's East Link light rail project, Sound Transit said on October 3.

When complete, the tunnel will be approximately one-third of a mile long, 27ft (8.2m) tall, 34ft (10.3m) wide, running between the future East Main and Downtown Bellevue stations under 110th Ave. Northeast, turning east near Northeast 6th Street.

Because of the short tunnel length, and to minimize impact on neighboring homes and businesses, Sound Transit is constructing the tunnel using the SEM with steel lattice girders for support. Excavation is taking place 12-60ft (3.6-18.2m) below ground, and expected to progress at approximately three to four feet per day.

East Link will extend light rail 14 miles (22.5km) from downtown Seattle to downtown Bellevue and the Overlake area of Redmond via Interstate 90, with 10 stations. All segments of the East Link extension are currently under construction, and the entire line will be operational in 2023.