New strip light aimed for explosive environments

2 June 2021

Hazardous LED strip-light specialist Mineglow has launched what it says is the world’s first IECEx-certified explosive-proof LED strip light designed to improve safety in high-risk areas.

The x-Glo IECEx range is designed for environments where fire or explosion hazards exist due to the presence of flammable gases or explosive substances, such as vapours, mists or dusts. Typical applications are said to include mines, gas and oil rigs and other potentially explosive situations.

Lights can commonly be an ignition source for explosions. The new silicon-encapsulated units are designed to avoid accidental ignitions by isolating and encapsulating electrical ‘sparks’ inside the light. They can be applied to flat and curved surfaces, as well as corners and are customisable for length. The low profile is designed to avoid it being knocked over and shattered.

Resistant to dust, humidity, chemicals and extreme environmental temperatures, the range is IECEx-, ATEX- and ROHS-approved, and certified for gas zones one and two, and dust zones 21 and 22.