Large TBM ready for Haizhuwan tunnel

17 January 2023

A large diameter slurry pressure balance TBM for the Guangzhou Haizhuwan tunnel project has rolled off CRCHI’s production line in Changsha.

The TBM, named Pioneer, has an excavation diameter of 15.07m.

The Guangzhou Haizhuwan tunnel project is the largest bored tunnel under construction in Guangzhou. It has a total length of 4.35km, of which 2.08km will be built by TBM. 

The tunnel crosses the broken zone and under the Pearl River channel twice, passing through mudstone and argillaceous siltstone formations, as well as negotiating the densely built city.

To mitigate these challenges, CRCHI has equipped the TBM with a telescopic main drive, excavation chamber visualisation system, automatic measurement monitoring and online monitoring of the cutting tool status.

The Haizhuwan Tunnel forms the northern section of the Guangzhou South Railway Station Express Channel, a two-way six-lane expressway aimed at reducing vehicle journey times between the railway station and the city centre. It is scheduled to open to traffic at the end of 2024.