Kawasaki’s nine months report and forecast

16 February 2012

Kawasaki Heavy Industries released its financial results for the nine months ended 31 December 2011. Net sales increased from JPY 870.5bn (USD 11.09bn) in the previous year to JPY 906.3bn (USD 11.5bn). Operating income increased from JPY 38.7bn (USD 492.9M) to 47.3bn (USD 602.5M) and net income grew from JPY 28.1bn (USD 357.9M) to JPY 33.7bn (USD 429.2M).

The company saw decreased cash flows, with a drop from JPY 33.5bn (USD 426.7M) to JPY 16.1bn (USD 205.1M) in operating activities, JPY 78.1bn (USD 994.8M) to JPY 61.2bn (779.5M) in financing activities and JPY 35.8bn (USD 455.98M) down to JPY 34.3bn (USD 436.9M) in cash and cash equivalents at the end of the term. Investment activities increased from JPY 41.5bn (USD 528.6M) to JPY 51.4bn (USD 654.7M).

The forecast for the full year ending 31 March 2012 expected net sales of JPY 1.3tn (USD 16.6bn), operating income of JPY 50bn (USD 636.9M) and net income of JPY 26bn (USD 331.2M).