Financing secured for Trans-Andean tunnel

4 September 2014

CHILE/ARGENTINA - Chile and Argentina agreed that each country would provide financing for their share of the USD 1.37bn trans-Andean Agua Negra tunnel, and officials from both countries signed the deal at a summit in late August.

The 14km-long Binational Entity International Paso Agua Negra tunnel (EBITAN) or Agua Negra (Black Water) project would cross the Andes connecting the province of San Juan in Argentina with the Region of Coquimbo in Chile.

Both governments are working on the final details in hopes of launching the tender before the end of the year and starting works in 2015. The project will be built with public funds and not under concession.

The proposed project comprises two parallel tunnels, one for each direction, 13.9km in length. Argentina will contribute USD 986M, as 72 per cent of the tunnel will be located on its side. Chile will provide the remaining USD 384M.