Fehmarnbelt industry day

9 February 2012

An ‘industry day’ will be held to increase interest in the Fehmarnbelt crossing between Denmark and Germany. Due to be held in Copenhagen on 21 March, client Femern said on Monday it hopes the event will attract international contractors to the EUR 5.5bn (USD 7.32bn) project and increase competition.

The day will showcase major projects that “are set to arise,” from construction of the 18km tunnel. A Femern spokesman added, “The purpose is to provide further information about the project and to lay the groundwork for potential partnerships and joint ventures among the participants.”

“The announcement sends out a message that the project is now underway and that pre-qualification and the time for tender invitations is close,” says Steen Lykke, technical director at Femern. “In other words, it’s now that the international construction companies should pay attention to the upcoming projects.

“We’re anticipating strong interest from contractors worldwide and especially those from Europe.”

Femern also announced that the size of the project meant it expects large international contractors will form joint ventures to bid.

The four civil engineering contracts are for: dredging the seabed and land reclamation, construction of the northern tunnel section, construction of the southern tunnel section, and construction of portal structures as well as ramps and associated land facilities.