Einar Bronlund new boss at Aker Wirth

2 March 2012

Aker Solutions’ German subsidiary Aker Wirth appointed a new manager on 1 March. Einar Bronlund took over from Christoph Kleuters who requested to leave.

Thor Arne Haverstad, executive vice president and head of drilling technologies for Aker Solutions said, “Bronlund has the right experience, qualifications and personality to manage our operations in Erkelenz. I look forward to working closely with Bronlund and his team, and to continue to develop our operations and products.”

Bronlund said, “We will continue to improve the already very high levels of quality our production has. These investments will further strengthen Erkelenz and improve our competitiveness in the international environment. Our great strength is our high product quality and relationship with our customers in close collaboration with the Drilling Technologies global set up. We plan to build on these strengths, but we also need to develop further in order to be a strong player in our markets.”

On his Kleuters Haverstand added, “In 1999 Christoph Kleuters was instrumental in saving the company from insolvency and laid the foundation for what Aker Wirth is today – a successful operation with a promising future. We are very thankful for Christoph’s efforts and wish him great success for the future.”