Eiffage and NGE win second Toulouse Metro contract

3 March 2023

A consortium of Eiffage and NGE has won a contract €233m (US$247m) to build Lot 1 of Toulouse’s third metro line. It is the second Toulouse contract for the two companies.

Lot 1, awarded by Toulouse’s metropolitan transport authority, Tisséo, comprises the civil engineering work for the tunnels, stations and structures on the new Line C of the Toulouse Metro system between the Colomiers ancillary structure, located 100m from Colomiers Gare station, and the Laporte ancillary structure.

The consortium, which is represented by Eiffage through its Eiffage Génie Civil subsidiary, will be responsible for carrying out planning and building a 3.85km tunnel, three stations, and four inter-station ancillary structures. The contract also includes the construction of three galleries connecting shafts to the tunnel.

Last month, Eiffage and NGE were awarded the Lot 2 contract, worth nearly €590m (US$626m), to build Line C between the Laporte ancillary structure and Raynal station, which extends Lot 1.

For both contracts the consortium says it will employ “various advanced techniques”, such as a “next-generation tunnel boring machine” and fibre-reinforced concrete segments, using less steel in 95% of the project. The consortium will manufacture the concrete segments at a new plant in the Toulouse region. Carasol, a soil analysis technique developed by Eiffage, will also be used.

The project will get under way this spring. The line is set to be commissioned in 2028.

Eiffage has a 65% share in the consortium, and NGE 35%.