DSI Norway bought by Spennteknikk

12 January 2012

Spennteknikk International has acquired Dywidag Systems International (DSI) subsidiary, DSI Norway. The move was effective as of 2 January.

A DSI spokesman said, “Due to a highly fragmented market environment and today’s competitive situation, DSI is expecting DSI Norway to not be able to realise future growth perspectives. […] After a preselection of potential candidates, Spennteknikk International proved itself as the best partner for DSI due to complementary technologies and structures.

“On 23 December, the contract with Spennteknikk International as the buyer of DSI Norway was signed.”

DSI Norway is headquartered in Skytta and has been part of the DSI Group since its foundation in 1980. It has focused on the Scandinavian market.