WTC 2016

1 April 2016

Registration is open for the worldwide tunnelling event of the year, with as many as 600 unique technical presentations, short courses and breakout sessions, and more than 200 exhibitors from around the world. Here’s a look at the highlights planned for this year’s conference and be sure to visit Tunnels & Tunnelling at Booth 1215 at this year’s WTC in San Francisco.

When and where

April 22-28
San Francisco

Monday: The Opening Ceremony will welcome Peter Kaiser, a professor and Chair for Rock Engineering and Ground Control at the Bharti School of Engineering of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Canada, and the 2013 TAC tunneller of the year. Leading the Muir Wood Lecture, Peter Kaiser will develop its proposals to meet the challenge of deep underground construction projects, a reflection deriving from deep-mining and tunnelling experiences in the Alps.

During the afternoon, a special workshop will be dedicated to the Building Information Modelling (BIM), an intelligent process based on 3 to 5D modelling for an infrastructure project planning, conception, simulation and construction. Experience sharing, prospective analysis of future BIM developments, testimonials of engineers, will punctuate the workshop.

Tuesday: From 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM, the ITA Open Session will feature advances the industry is achieving across a broad cross-section of topics affecting the underground construction business. It will notably include conventional and mechanized tunnelling, controlled blasting, fiber-reinforced precast concrete segments, the measurement and interpretation of in-situ stresses for application to high stress environments and pressurized conveyances, the challenges that we face in developing underground space in urban settings, and the management of construction risk through improved contracting practices.

Then, on the afternoon, the ITA Committee for Underground Space (ITACUS) will organise a "Think Deep" session dedicated to "Tunnels: the new urban paradigm". In the perspective of the UN Habitat III Conference, that is to take place next October in Quito, Peru, the ITACUS will launch discussions around central questions. As the role of cities is crucial to engage sustainable development policies, what solutions can tunnels and underground provide to contribute to a new urban agenda? Should public authorities only favour underground people transportations through Mass Rapid Transit Systems? Key speakers, like Ray Sterling, Professor Emeritus and Research fellow in Civil Engineering at the Louisiana Tech University, will introduce the public to the concept of urban underground freight.

On the evening, the countries willing to host the World Tunnel Congress 2019 will present their candidacy.

Wednesday: As the global Internet of Things market is booming (until reaching a USD 11tr potential impact per year in 2025, for up to 80 billion connected objects), it currently makes strong inroads into the underground space industry. What are the impacts of the accelerating digitalization on tunnels and underground spaces? How does digitalization currently manifest itself in the tunnelling industry? What are the ongoing developments and innovations in that matter? During a special session launched on Wednesday morning 27th (8.30-11.30), the ITA Technological Committee will tackle these crucial questions in attendance of a guest speaker from SIGMA.

Also, selected ITA Tech's prime sponsors will give concrete examples of underground projects in which they have implemented the latest digital technologies: Big Data management, monitoring, measuring, control, automation, machine diagnosis, maintenance, safety, risk reduction, process optimization.


Exhibitors list
NoExhibitor NameDescriptionBooth No
1ABC Industries, Inc 315
2ABC Ventilation Systems 1207
3Advanced Concrete Technologies 1115
Aecom delivers integrated solutions to major tunnel projects, totalling more than 1,000 miles worldwide. Our experts are well versed in all methods of tunneling in every type of ground condition. Aecom connects knowledge and experience across our global network of experts to help clients solve their most complex challenges.314
5Aerix Industries
6AFTES Paris 2017 810
7AFTES Plant Equipment Branch 815
8Agru America, Inc 1316
9AIL Mining 1102
10Akkerman 1315
11Alpine Equipment 514
12Amberg Group 916
13American Chemical Technologies, Inc 418
14Amix Systems Ltd 619
15Antraquip Corp 708
16ArcelorMittal Wire Solutions 822
17ArupArup is a trusted industry leader in the planning, design and delivery of underground projects of all types and sizes. Arup's multidiscipli- nary, collaborative approach uses committed specialists to produce innovative solutions to the world's most complex and challenging tunnel projects. Please visit us during WTC 2016 at Booth 406.406
18ASI Marine 611
19Astaldi S.p.A. 1131
20Atlas Copco Rock Drills AG 623
21Austrian Society for Geomechanics 1338
22Avanti International 1226
23Babendererde Engineers, LLC 618
24Bakersfield Pipe & Supply 1308
25Ballard Marine Construction 1231
26Bamser 322
27BASF Corporation 722
28Bauer Foundation Corp 319
29Becker Mining America 717
30Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions (BMUS) 925
31Bessac 1119
32Biomarine, Inc 1222
33Bonar 323
34Bouygues Travaux Publics 1103
35Brasfond USA 1135
36Brazilian Tunnelling Committee 939
37British Tunnelling Society 525
38Brokk Inc 709
39Brookville Equipment Corp 310
40Cambria County Association For The Blind and Handicapped (CAB) 511
41Cascade Drilling L.P. 714
42Case Foundation Company 624
43CBE Group 812
44CDM Smith 427
45ChemGrout, Inc 502
46Comtrol International 1311
47Condor Earth Technologies, Inc 415
48Cowi NA 308
49CREG TBM Germany GmbH 521
50Crux Subsurface, Inc 515
51CTS Cordes tubes & seals GmbH & Co KG 1235
52Daigh Company, Inc 602
53Dakota Fabricating Inc 1224
54Datwyler Sealing Technologies 702
55David R. Klug & Associates, Inc 802
56DeNeef Construction Chemicals, Inc 503
57Denka 920
58Derrick Equipment Co 608
59DH Charles Engineering, Inc 420
60Dibit Measuring Technique USA, Inc 716
61DMT GmbH & Co KG 914
62Dr. Sauer & Partners Corp 1013
63Drumcutters International Inc 610
64Dry Systems Technologies 403
65DSI Underground Systems 825
66E-Berk 1023
67EC Applications - Tunnel Lining 1313
68Ein Shemer Rubber Industries A.C.A. Ltd 718
69Elasto Plastic Concrete 309
70Ernst & Sohn a John Wiley & Sons Co 320
71Euclid Chemical Co 1332
72Euroconsult Group 917
73Everest Equipment Co 500
74Fama S.p.A. 1134
75FBG Korea, Inc 1321
76Fermacell GmbH 727
77Fiori Group S.p.A. 1021
78Forta Corporation 1025
79Gall Zeidler Consultants 1209
80Geocomp Corporation/GeoTesting Express, Inc. 915
81Geoconsult Group 725
82Geodata S.p.A. 1127
83Geokon, Inc 712
84GeoTunnel S.R.L. 1035
85Gomez International, Inc 1307
86Grace 1426
87Grindex Pumps 715
88Halfen GmbH 318
89Hatch 1118
90Hatch Mott MacDonald 806
91Hayward Baker Inc 626
92HBI Haerter - Consulting Engineers 1114
93Heintzmann Corp 710
94Helix Steel 524
95Herrenknecht AG 807
96HIC Fibers, Inc 614
97HNTB Corp 1106
98Hobas Pipe USA 719
99Impreservice Srl 706
100Industrias Y Servicios El Tigre S.A. 1303
101InnoTrans 2016 1104
102Innovative Wireless Technologies 307
103Istrice Fibres 1225
104ITA Young Members / UCA Young Members 1214
105Italffer SpA 1139
106J.H. Fletcher & Co 526
107Japan Tunnelling Association 1334
108Jennmar Corp 620
109Joint Specialist Immersed Tunnels 1014
110Joy Global 1417
111Kern Tunneltechnik SA 1218
112King Shotcrete Solutions 603
113Konnx Inc 1317
114Kosteel Co, Ltd 422
115Line Power 1230
116Lovsuns Tunneling Canada LtdWe are proud to have come from a legacy that has built and refurbished 600+ TBMs for 400+ projects around the world. 2500km of completed tunnels is just the start of our ambitious journey into the future. Whether it's soft ground or hard rock, large or small diameter TBMs, Lovsuns will support you to succeed in most challenging projects with our highly reliable, durable and competitive product solutions from our facilities in Canada and China.613
117Malcolm Drilling Co Inc 721
118Mapei Corp 1136
119MAT Mischanlagentechnik Branch Office BAUER Maschinen GmbH 408
120McDowell B Equipment 306
121McMillen Jacobs AssociatesMcMillen Jacobs Associates, recognized as one of the world's experts in the design and construction management of tunnels, deep shafts and portals, is a highly technical firm providing expertise in underground infrastructure for the water, wastewater, transit and hydropower markets. See us at WTC: Booth 912, North Exhibit Hall.912
122Measurand Inc
Measurand Inc. is a leader in shape-sensing technology. We can help you revolutionize your monitoring plan with SAA, a unique chain of inclinom- eters on a reel. SAA is dramatically easier to install, has an unprecedented range, and survives long after others have failed.700
123Messinger Bearings 414
125Metro Vancouver 1403
126Michels Corp 1320
127Microtunneling Inc 407
128Mighty Shield Industries Sdn Bhd 1212
129MineARC Systems America 723
130Mining Equipment Ltd 1302
131 Moretrench 519
132 MWH Global 327
133Naylor Pipe Co 607
134Nexans AmerCable 1116
135 NFM Technologies 814
136Nicholson Construction Co 1121
137Nightstick by Bayco ProductsNightstick, designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, is a global brand of professional-grade flashlights, headlamps and Intrinsically Safe lighting solutions that exceed industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety and value. Nightstick Intrinsically Safe lighting is Class I, Division 1 rated featuring certifications from ATEX, IECEX, and MSHA for global use.400
138Normet Americas, Inc 907
139Northern Light Technologies 1211
140Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust 313
141Numesh Inc 1213
142Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products 703
143Pacchiosi Drill 1336
144Palmieri S.p.A. 1234
145Parsons 324
146Parsons Brinckerhoff 1007
147Plaxis Americas LLC 1327
148Powerking Corp 316
149Promat International NV 1324
150Propex 1407
151Pultrall Inc 612
152Putzmeister 1018
153QSP Packers, LLC 421
154Quaker Chemical 609
155R.S.T. Instruments Ltd 1527
156RBL-REI 819
157Resiplast US, Inc 1306
158RE-Systems Group Americas Inc 321
159RETC 1216
160Richway Industries 1110
161Richwood 509
162Robit Plc 1130
163Rocksoil S.p.A. 1137
164Rocscience Inc 1113
165Rocvent Inc 1314
166Ruen Drilling, Inc 1108
167Sandvik Construction 1107
168Schauenburg Flexadux Corp 506
169Schauenburg MAB GmbH 508
170Schnabel Foundation Co 713
171Shannon & Wilson, Inc 1011
172Shotcrete Technologies, Inc
Shotcrete Technologies, Inc has been supplying the mining and tunnel industry with the most efficient Shotcrete products and services for over 30 years. SHOTSET 250 Liquid Accelerator is an industry standard, and the company's ShotTech Robotic Arm can be mounted on many types of carriers. In addition to Robotic Arms, Accelerators, nozzles etc., Shotcrete Technologies, Inc has developed a robotic centrifugal process that is used in both vertical (shaftlining) and horizontal (shotlining) applications.1237
173Sika Corporation 919
174Skarpa PL 1117
175Societa Italiana Gallerie 1039
176Soldata Inc. 1123
177Spendrup Fan Co 507
178Stantec 1217
179Surecrete Inc 520
180SWS Engineering SPA 1031
181TPH Bausysteme GmbH 1236
182Team Mixing Technologies, Inc 1009
183Technical Tunnelling Components Ltd (TTC) 813
184Tenbusch, Inc 1017
185Terratec Ltd 606
186The Norwegian Tunnelling Society 824
187The PBE Group 1406
188The Robbins Co 931
189Thompson Pipe Group 312
190TNO Diana BV 617
191TPH Bausysteme GmbH 1236
192TRE Canada Inc 1125
193Trelleborg Engineered Products 1015
194Treviicos 1132
195Tsurumi Pump 1112
196Tunelmak Construction Machinery inc 1120
197Tunnels & Tunnelling 1215
198Turkish Road Association 1423
199Turkish Tunnelling Society 1223
200UWK - Underwater Kinetics 1233
201Victaulic Co 1221
202VIP-Polymers Ltd 522
203VMT GmbH 707
204Wacker Chemie AG 821
205Wisko America, Inc 1204
206Yamamoto Rock Splitter International 1003
207ZED Tunnel Guidance Ltd 417