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Heritage brand 31 October, 2016 A buoyed tunnelling industry and a number of domestic political gestures are restoring confidence in uK manufacturing. Davy Markham is one brand looking to increase its showing in the tunnelling industry. Alex Conacher reports > read more

Underground knuckle booms 31 October, 2016 One crane manufacturer has developed a crane it thinks would be ideal for underground applications and invites tunnellers to confirm

Troubled waters 13 July, 2016 The Tideway Tunnel, a major new sewer that will help tackle the problem of overfl ows from the capital's Victorian sewers, has caused controversy since its initial proposal. Rhian Owen looks at the lengthy site selection process that was undertaken and the scope of work that lies ahead to bring this project to completion.

Exclusion zone management guide 11 July, 2016 A reproduction of the recent Crossrail best practice guide for the management of SCL exclusion zones.

A perfect storm 30 October, 2015 The UK pipe jacking industry is in a sharp, albeit brief slump. Several factors have come together to make what was supposed to be an end to the rollercoaster of water work, into a complete halt in activity. Alex Conacher reports.

Fit for purpose 30 October, 2015 An expanded concrete lining was suffering in void-filled, desiccated Lambeth Group geology, before London Underground intervention to re-line the operational tunnel with SGI saved the day. Alex Conacher speaks to LU’s lead tunnel engineer and CDM designer/coordinator Neel Goorvadoo.

Can someone please explain exactly what is SCL? 30 August, 2012 A speedy and uncomplicated method has fallen prey to overdesign and endless codes. David Hindle, partner of OTB Engineering speaks out on the present state of SCL design in the United Kingdom

Advances in SCL design and construction 30 August, 2012 This article presents the state of the art use of sprayed concrete with a variety of waterproofing solutions on major projects in the UK. It discusses the current design of permanent sprayed concrete and sprayed waterproof membranes and how SCL design may progress in the future. Report by Andrew Pickett and Simon Stephenson of Mott MacDonald

Crossrail planning dock breakout 16 July, 2012 When Crossrail took over the ancient Connaught Tunnel as part of its route through east London, it was envisaged that it would be brought up to standard with a fill and re-excavate procedure, but further site investigations led to concerns that will now be tackled by open excavation through the Royal Docks

Back to basics with cut and cover 13 July, 2012 Cut and cover. Bachy Soletanche UK’s director Chris Merridew and business development manager Paul Hodgson get back to basics on the cut part of the method, while Alex Conacher speaks to Bernhard Lindner of Germany-based Peri about the concerns of formwork manufacturers in providing the cover

New compressed air guidelines 10 July, 2012 The March BTS meeting marked the launch of the joint ITA and BTS guidelines for good working practice in high-pressure compressed air (HPCA). BTS input had been through its Compressed Air Working Group. Donald Lamont, principal author of the document, summarised the guidelines. Werner Burger, chief design engineer for Herrenknecht spoke on the problems of HPCA for a manufacturer. Tony Ridley of Tony Ridley Hyperbaric Associates outlined UK experience with HPCA. And Claus Mayer, managing director of Nordseetaucher gave an account of his experiences with HPCA

Power up the future 17 May, 2012 UK gas and electric power network operator National Grid is engaged in a major renewal programme to ensure power supplies for the future. One aspect is to install high-voltage cables underground to renew the grid in major urban areas, starting with London. Maurice Jones visited one of the current tunnel drives in a 32km-long network that started recently in north London

The drive to save on light energy 17 May, 2012 Lighting is a key factor in minimising transport tunnel operating costs whilst maintaining or improving safety. New designs of low-energy, low-maintenance luminaires promise much, but equally important is how they are installed and used. Maurice Jones checks out some of the latest installations

Tunnelling induced settlements in London clay 20 April, 2012 Robert Mair of Cambridge University, Jamie Standing of Imperial College and Keith Bowers of London Underground presented three papers on the effects of settlement in London Clay at a joint meeting of the BTS and British Geotechnical Association in January

Getting to the core of the matter 19 April, 2012 Since there still seems to be a marked reluctance in many quarters to spend much on site investigative work before main tunnel construction commences, it is fortunate that drilling, probing, sampling and testing methods are gradually becoming more efficient in terms of speed, accuracy and, hopefully, cost. However this demands a much higher level of sophistication in the technology employed. Maurice Jones checks on what is available

Crossrail countdown 17 April, 2012 With the first Herrenknecht TBM launching as T&TI goes to press, Alex Conacher takes a look back to site visits in early February as segment production had just begun, and the machines were being assembled in the west London mud

Supporting Victoria 17 April, 2012 The UK’s first use of jet grouting in conjunction with shallow sprayed concrete lined tunnelling and pioneering use of building information modelling are among the many innovations on London Underground’s ultra-challenging Victoria Station Upgrade programme. Andrew Mylius of Mott MacDonald reports

Present and future state of UK tunneling 16 April, 2012 Outgoing chair of the BTS Bob Ibell looks at the recent achievements of the UK tunnelling industry and the current state of works

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