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Hydro caverns offer vital experience for underground oil and gas storage 24 November, 2022 Norway’s experience with extensive hydropower development and surge chamber cavern technology offered lessons for its underground oil and gas storage projects. This is an abridged report of the full paper by Prof. Bjørn Nilsen discussing the similarities and key lessons to share > read more

Leadership vision for a path toward sustainability 24 November, 2022 Shortly before his recent election as President of International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES), Prof Arnold Dix, a global expert in tunnel sector contractual arrangements, told T&T about his vision for how the international tunneling industry can accelerate its practical pursuit of sustainability – by being armed with new, tailored-made measurement tools and introducing a ‘non-dispute’ option in contract law

Tunneling under operating highways and railways: Part 1 24 November, 2022 Keivan Rafie and Gary Kramer of Hatch present the first of their two-part look at lessons in planning and constructing tunnel crossings with shallow cover under live transport corridors

Clean hat trick 24 November, 2022 Nicholson Construction has had three contracts for Project Clean Lake in Ohio, and each has posed its challenges. Keren Fallwell reports

Update on Metro Projects in Europe and Asia 22 June, 2022 R Pandita and M Rehbock-Sander (both of Amberg Engineering) presented this paper at WTC2020 Malaysia and describe selected aspects of European and Asian metro projects, including geotechnics, construction, safety, ventilation and risk

Nat – Back to Rock 22 June, 2022 The biennial NAT tunneling conference will take place at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in Philadelphia, US on 19-22 June. Here follow a few tips to get the best out of the event

Inspired through meaning 14 April, 2022 Keivan Rafie looks at why many engineers have recently joined the so-called ‘great resignation’ and suggests that something more than a pay cheque and stable job may be needed

A long line of success 14 April, 2022 Dean Brox of Dean Brox Consulting reviews the benefits and successes associated with precast concrete tunnel linings when used for hydropower tunnels

TBM challenges on a demanding sea outfall 14 April, 2022 Gary Peach, project manager and consultant with Mott MacDonald (Doha, Qatar) discusses the challenges and management deployed to overcome and successfully complete what has been hailed as the Middle East’s longest storm and groundwater tunnel

Under pressure 14 April, 2022 Dr Donald Lamont and Roy Slocombe recently gave the British Tunnelling Society lecture on low, intermediate and high-pressure compressed air work, highlighting the launch of revised BTS CAWG guidance. Report by Dr Donald Lamont and Roy Slocombe

Tunnelers prepare for Nat in ‘Philly’ 14 April, 2022 One of the two major biennial tunneling shows in the US, the North American Tunneling Conference in Philadelphia (NAT2022) is preparing to open its doors for the first time since 2018

Mitigating a water bearing fissure 29 December, 2021 Emily Riley won the British Geotechnical Association’s (BGA) annual Cooling Prize competition for young professionals with her paper ‘The engineering mitigation of a water bearing fissure in the Chalk at the Tideway Deptford Church Street shaft’. It is reproduced here by kind permission of the BGA

3D parametric structural design and documentation workflow 28 December, 2021 Jeff Fontana and Eric Westergren of McMillen Jacobs look back over the past 50 years and note that architecture, engineering and construction have gone through several advances in design development and documentation

An innovative tunnel and contracting model 28 December, 2021 VTA is extending the BART transit system into Silicon Valley under a two-phased program. Phase 2, currently in design and engineering, features an innovative single-bore tunnel configuration. Report by the VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Team

Harding prize gains momentum for 2022 28 December, 2021 Young tunnel engineers can raise their profile and make their work visible to the civil engineering community by entering the Harding Prize, named after the founder chairman of the Society, Sir Harold Harding

Set in stone 11 October, 2021 For centuries the home of quarrying and more recently mining of the eponymous stone, Portland, England could become home to an exciting new visitor attraction housed in a mine and demonstrating the potential of underground space. George Demetri reports

A challenge packed drive 11 October, 2021 Erez Allouche, Matthew Devitt and Tyler Horton of Stantec Consulting, and Keivan Rafie of Hatch (Vancouver) discuss the relocation of a gas pipeline microtunneled through complex soils and beneath twin railroads, a river and multiple utility lines

Digging the deal on infrastructure 11 October, 2021 George Demetri takes a look at the state of US infrastructure, the possible causes of its lacklustre performance and how it may be improved, taking in along the way the views of some high-profile engineers and consultants

Defying the quakes 17 June, 2021 Reconstructing an existing dam and building new intakes, outtakes and spillway form part of an ambitious 10-year programme in the drought-hit and earthquake-prone Santa Clara Valley, California. George Demetri reports

The doors to success 17 June, 2021 Bernd Hagenah, Sean Cassady, Jesse Harder and Ana Ruiz-Jimenez of HNTB Corp discuss the benefits of and considerations for the implementation of platform edge doors in modern underground transit and metro rail systems

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