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Set in stone 11 October, 2021 For centuries the home of quarrying and more recently mining of the eponymous stone, Portland, England could become home to an exciting new visitor attraction housed in a mine and demonstrating the potential of underground space. George Demetri reports > read more

A challenge packed drive 11 October, 2021 Erez Allouche, Matthew Devitt and Tyler Horton of Stantec Consulting, and Keivan Rafie of Hatch (Vancouver) discuss the relocation of a gas pipeline microtunneled through complex soils and beneath twin railroads, a river and multiple utility lines

Digging the deal on infrastructure 11 October, 2021 George Demetri takes a look at the state of US infrastructure, the possible causes of its lacklustre performance and how it may be improved, taking in along the way the views of some high-profile engineers and consultants

Defying the quakes 17 June, 2021 Reconstructing an existing dam and building new intakes, outtakes and spillway form part of an ambitious 10-year programme in the drought-hit and earthquake-prone Santa Clara Valley, California. George Demetri reports

The doors to success 17 June, 2021 Bernd Hagenah, Sean Cassady, Jesse Harder and Ana Ruiz-Jimenez of HNTB Corp discuss the benefits of and considerations for the implementation of platform edge doors in modern underground transit and metro rail systems

Pipejacking on the rise 30 April, 2021 Pipejacking is typically a horizontal technique. But attempting it vertically from inside a tunnel below the widest river in the world is an altogether new technology that is delivering environmental and economic benefits to Argentina. Julian Champkin reports

Construction claims and dispute resolution 30 April, 2021 Every time the conditions of a construction project change – whether new ideas develop for implementation, or some unanticipated circumstances occur – the project’s cost and schedule will be affected. These changes and their cause could be interpreted by different stakeholders in various ways. So, there could be conflicts, disagreements and disputes on what portion of the cost and project schedule the contractor needs to be compensated for.

RETC RAISES THE CONFERENCE BANNER 30 April, 2021 Following the interruption to the tunnel conference scene caused by the pandemic, the RETC Conference is back and – Covid allowing – looks set to take place in Las Vegas on 13-16 June 2021

Robbins reborn 30 April, 2021 After a brief period involving Chinese part-ownership, veteran TBM pioneer Lok Home has bought back his company to set the revived Robbins on a new course of growth. Julian Champkin spoke to him

Race to repair 30 April, 2021 Numerous hydroelectric plants include headrace tunnels that are getting old and operate beyond their originally-envisaged design life. Canada-based Dean Brox of Dean Brox Consulting discusses the importance of inspections and maintenance for hydroelectric tunnels

Drill and blast tunnelling 04 March, 2020 Did you know... rock blasting has been used since the preexplosives time, when rock tunnels were excavated by building fires at the face and cracking the rock by throwing cold water on the hot surfaces? Later on, blasting with black powder was invented and since then, there have been steady developments in explosives, detonating and delaying techniques, and in our understanding of the mechanics of rock breakage by explosives.

CONEXPO 2020 04 March, 2020 The heavy equipment expo held every three years is back this March with new products and technologies on show from more than 2,800 exhibitors

The real world 04 March, 2020 Liuna Local 183 is breaking ground on a tunnel training centre that will help the Greater Toronto Area access on-site training for tunnelling and safety skills, Nicole Robinson reports

Fit for duty 04 March, 2020 Establishing baseline cognitive response times that can be compared over time helps mitigate or even avoid accidents on the job. Christina Lindstrom, Obayashi, explains this entirely new approach to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment

Health, safety and wellness 04 March, 2020 Reducing on-the-job injuries is vital, but so is staying well. T&T highlights improvements in the industry

Ship shape 04 March, 2020 Construction has started on Seattle’s Ship Canal stormwater tunnel, Paola De Pascali reports

Spotlight Seattle 04 March, 2020 The fast-growing city is under pressure to provide congestion relief to crowded streets and affordable housing, Nicole Robinson reports. New tunnel projects are being designed to do both

Credit check 24 December, 2019 Greg Norris of B2W Software explains how software can help track employee licenses, certifications and training

TAC Awards 2019 24 December, 2019 From rising starts to nationally acclaimed projects, the Tunnelling Association of Canada presents its annual awards each fall to recognize the deserving individuals and engineering accomplishments in the Canadian tunnelling sector. The 2019 awards were presented in Winnipeg on October 21.

To boldly go underground 24 December, 2019 Paola De Pascali speaks with Jamal Rostami, head of mining engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, who has been looking at the challenges of tunnelling on the moon

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