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Oslo four 31 October, 2016 Two 20km tunnels are underway for the high-speed Follo line project, Norway's biggest scheme and one of the largest in Europe. Report and pictures by Adrian Greeman > read more

Heritage brand 31 October, 2016 A buoyed tunnelling industry and a number of domestic political gestures are restoring confidence in uK manufacturing. Davy Markham is one brand looking to increase its showing in the tunnelling industry. Alex Conacher reports

Underground knuckle booms 31 October, 2016 One crane manufacturer has developed a crane it thinks would be ideal for underground applications and invites tunnellers to confirm

Troubled waters 13 July, 2016 The Tideway Tunnel, a major new sewer that will help tackle the problem of overfl ows from the capital's Victorian sewers, has caused controversy since its initial proposal. Rhian Owen looks at the lengthy site selection process that was undertaken and the scope of work that lies ahead to bring this project to completion.

Exclusion zone management guide 11 July, 2016 A reproduction of the recent Crossrail best practice guide for the management of SCL exclusion zones.

A perfect storm 30 October, 2015 The UK pipe jacking industry is in a sharp, albeit brief slump. Several factors have come together to make what was supposed to be an end to the rollercoaster of water work, into a complete halt in activity. Alex Conacher reports.

Filder tunnel 30 October, 2015 Progress is good so far on the Filder, biggest of the Stuttgart 21 rail project tunnels in southern Germany.

Fit for purpose 30 October, 2015 An expanded concrete lining was suffering in void-filled, desiccated Lambeth Group geology, before London Underground intervention to re-line the operational tunnel with SGI saved the day. Alex Conacher speaks to LU’s lead tunnel engineer and CDM designer/coordinator Neel Goorvadoo.

Norway’s TBM Renaissance 18 June, 2014 High atop the mountains in northern Norway, a tunneling project harkens back to the days of mechanised tunneling in Scandinavia. The crew onsite battles winter temperatures plummeting to -32oC and works to maintain spares and other supplies at the remote jobsite less than 100km from the Arctic Circle. Robbins technical writer Desiree Willis reports.

Subsea Selection 18 June, 2014 Construction of the Ryfast subsea road tunnel is underway, and Norway plans more strait crossings. Report by Patrick Reynolds.

River Wild 10 October, 2013 The Polish government has announced plans to finance the drilling of the twin 2.06km-long tunnel in the Mały Lubon massif and the twin 2.27km-long tunnel in the Wałbrzyskie mountains. The investments are to be part of Poland’s PLN 35.7bn (USD 11.07bn) road development plan for the years 2011 to 2015. Jaroslaw Adamowski reports on the latest boost to Polish tunneling.

Brenner behemoth 31 August, 2012 Professor Konrad Bergmeister, CEO of the Brenner Base Tunnel Company presented the project to the May BTS meeting

Can someone please explain exactly what is SCL? 30 August, 2012 A speedy and uncomplicated method has fallen prey to overdesign and endless codes. David Hindle, partner of OTB Engineering speaks out on the present state of SCL design in the United Kingdom

Advances in SCL design and construction 30 August, 2012 This article presents the state of the art use of sprayed concrete with a variety of waterproofing solutions on major projects in the UK. It discusses the current design of permanent sprayed concrete and sprayed waterproof membranes and how SCL design may progress in the future. Report by Andrew Pickett and Simon Stephenson of Mott MacDonald

Turkish TBM boom 29 August, 2012 With challenging ground and a fast-growing economy, Turkey is poised to host the world’s toughest tunnel projects. Desiree Willis, technical writer for TBM manufacturer Robbins reports

KoralmTunnel main drive ready to roll 29 August, 2012 Alex Conacher speaks to Wolfgang Lehner, general manager of Strabag’s tunnel department, as NATM tunnelling on the second Koralm tunnel lot comes to an end and preparations begin for the main TBM drives

Warsaw line two 28 August, 2012 Two of four TBMs have begun drives for the second line of the Warsaw metro system. Technical journalist Adrian Greeman looks at the challenges of cutting under a bomb littered city and the race to complete

Prague Metro’s return to TBMs 28 August, 2012 Ermin Stehlik and David Cyron of Czech contractor Metrostav give this detailed look at the extension to Prague’s Metro Line A and the return to TBM driven tunnels

European links connect the dots 27 August, 2012 On track to break its own record for constructing the world’s longest transport tunnel, albeit over ten years from now, Central and Eastern European tunnelling enjoys a boom in the construction of transport infrastructure. International projects such as the TEN-T networks, with sections linking north and south, east and west are driving demand for tunnels. Alex Conacher explores

Station stops 25 July, 2012 In the centre of the old city, the stations have been the most obvious part of the new construction – as well as the most difficult and time consuming. Subsidence troubles on the second one almost ended the project in 2009. Technical journalist Adrian Greeman visits the stations

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