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Case for caverns 06 February, 2012 Hong Kong pushes key facilities underground and returns land for redevelopment, Patrick Reynolds reports > read more

Steady on Crossrail 06 February, 2012 Crossrail’s current leanness was brought into shape by the ‘Project Assure’ initiative and is being further trimmed by the ‘Optimised Contractor Involvement’ process, reports Patrick Reynolds

Boom to meet needs 26 December, 2011 The economies of Latin American countries are bucking the global trend and are the strongest they have been for many years. Nicole Robinson and Maurice Jones highlight some market factors and important projects in this increasingly important region for tunneling

In the belly of the beast 10 November, 2011 T&TI cuts through the bureaucratic smoke and mind-boggling statistics to unearth what it means to set up shop in the world’s fastest growing superpower. Alex Conacher enters the dragon’s lair to speak with Paul Jenkins of Mott MacDonald and Gary Ge of Arup

Canada keeps on an even keel 18 October, 2011 Staying consistently strong for the past several years, with many large projects set to last throughout the rest of the decade and beyond, the tunnelling market in Canada is enjoying a lengthy period of buoyancy, Nicole Robinson reports

Where the work is 18 October, 2011 As T&TI goes to press the general and business media are awash with stories of economic gloom and dire predictions, and yet the tunnelling industry in Western Europe seems relatively buoyant. Can this comparatively happy state continue? Maurice Jones checks on the major current and planned projects and the prospects for some big players headquartered in Western Europe

Dynamism of the East 22 August, 2011 Running along the fiery Asia Pacific coast are some of the most explosive tunneling markets in the world. Hong Kong is booming, Japan is storming ahead in innovation, Malaysia is clamping down on corruption and Singapore is a hot bed of activity. Alex Conacher tries to keep up

Safety thirst 19 July, 2011 Health and safety in construction is improving in India as international companies and the National Safety Council make efforts to improve conditions. But there is still a long way to go, Jon Young visits India

Of the rising sun 14 June, 2011 An economy in recession, a landscape reeling from an unprecedented natural disaster and, as yet, unknown damage to subterranean structures. Yet no country could be as well-prepared as Japan to take hits on both these fronts. With the help of the Japanese Tunnelling Association (JTA), Alex Conacher explores the situation in North East Asia, with focus on a Japan determined to hit the ground running

Perforating the Pacific 13 June, 2011 Fairytale projects are being put to tender. Underground defences against drought and flooding, surface to seabed drives through magnificent artificial islands and socio-economic unity through high-speed rail. The tunnelling industry in South East Asia refuses to be eclipsed by the mammoth markets in India and China. Alex Conacher explores the latest trends

The tale of three cities 10 June, 2011 The market for tunnelling in North America is strong but also struggling due to political and financial pressures, and more recently public outcry. Nicole Robinson profiles tunnelling projects in New York, Seattle and Toronto

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