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Lakeside risk 08 February, 2012 Challenging soil combined with strict deadline requirements to spur the City of Portland in Oregon, US, to award a non-standard contract. Construction on the much needed sewer relief project completed late last year as Nicole Robinson reports from site > read more

Raising the pressure 10 November, 2011 Adding an extra turbine to the Vianden pump storage plant in Luxembourg requires a new vertical pressure shaft. Benjamin Kunstle and Alexander Frey of Herrenknecht explain how the raiseboring is sinking in

Sinking a station 19 October, 2011 An extraordinary variation on the immersed tube method, combined with innovative foundation works, has been used to take the Amsterdam north-south metro line underneath the 19th century Centraal Station, reports Adrian Greeman

TCR a century on: five worksites in one 18 October, 2011 Tottenham Court Road is undergoing two major development projects, for Crossrail and London Underground. The ageing station’s concrete structure has had over 100 years to set and with few records to warn of what lies beyond it, tunnellers have to be ready for anything - there are even rumours of a discarded TBM. Alex Conacher visits the site and meets with resident tunnelling bigwigs

Basic tunnelling still a viable method 27 September, 2011 Al Tenbusch of small-bore tunnelling equipment manufacturer and supplier Tenbusch of Lewisville, Texas, describes the two main methods of hand mining and essential considerations

The Eupalinos’ Tunnel on the Island of Samos 16 September, 2011 A dictator’s legacy, brutal working conditions and ancient instrumentation are examined in this report on what was both the longest tunnel ever built at the time and the first to be driven from both ends. Dr Myles O’Reilly, chairman of the T&TI Editorial Advisory Board, gives an insight into the techniques, thinking and capabilities of ancient tunnellers

Qatar set for next tunnelling boom 22 August, 2011 Mechanised tunnelling is finding favour in the Middle East as infrastructure plans increasingly call for underground development. Bernadette Ballantyne reports

Speeding freight under Antwerp docks 21 July, 2011 In the highest value current construction project in Belgium an international public-private-partnership (PPP) consortium is building an important rail link to the west of Antwerp to handle the booming freight traffic to and from the port. The work includes tunnelling under waterways in tricky, soft-ground conditions and utilising an existing, but unused tunnel. Maurice Jones reports from Antwerp

Burrowing under Berapit 14 June, 2011 Workers on South East Asia’s longest drill and blast rail tunnel are finishing works. Jon Young looks at the challenges the project faced

Blasting Canada’s hydroelectric expansion 10 June, 2011 Construction work is storming ahead on the intake tunnel for the massive La Romaine hydroelectric complex in Quebec. Ron Glowe is working as consultant to contractor Simard-Beaudry Construction and authors this report

Stubborn to a fault 10 June, 2011 Construction of Intake No. Three at Lake Mead, Nevada, requires tunnelling beneath the lake and blasting at Saddle Island. With a deadline driven by the region’s drought conditions and drinking water at stake, progress on the project’s longest tunnel has been marred by a fault near the starter tunnels as Nicole Robinson reports from site

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