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Risk management in major projects 06 February, 2018 On the 19th of October, four speakers from across the tunnelling industry gave their perspective on the management of risk in tunnelling and major infrastructure projects. > read more

Next gen potash 28 July, 2015 At a joint meeting of the British Tunnelling Society and Min South, John Elliott - managing Director, Alan Auld Engineering and Alun Price Jones - technical Director, Cementation Mining presented the Picadilly potash mine in Canada. The presentation looked at some deep mine shafts and explored the next generation of potash mines currently being sunk in Canada. The design and construction of the shafts for the Piccadilly project were also described in detail.

Crossrail C310 10 October, 2014 Geotechnical and tunnelling related specifics in urban tunnelling, and a river crossing with low overburden are covered in this BTS presentation on Crossrail contract C310, Thames Tunnel.

East side explosives 26 August, 2014 At February's joint BTS/Minsouth meeting. Andy Thompson of Hatch Mott MacDonald delivered a presentation on the use of explosives for the construction of New York's East side access. Andrew Hindmarch of Mott MacDonald gives this report from the meeting.

Crossrail in practice 10 October, 2013 As Crossrail, Europe’s largest civil engineering project, reaches the advanced point of construction, Simon Pugh, lead engineer in the route Control Centre for Crossrail presents to the BTS and Minsouth audience about how it is built and how it will be run

Forever Young 25 September, 2013 At WTC 2013 in Geneva, the British Tunnelling Society put forward a proposal to work towards the creation of a young members group for the International Tunnelling Association. For those who aren’t aware of what such a group could get up to, Tunnels gives this brief look at some BTSYM activities

Sprayed overbridges 06 June, 2013 SCL overbridges at tottenham court road. Andreas Feiersinger of dr. Sauer & partners, and Phillip Lea of Halcrow were the authors of this paper, which was presented at the March meeting of the british tunnelling Society

Norra Laenken’s novel lining 17 May, 2013 In the January BTS meeting, technical and risk manager Andreas Raedle, construction manager Jörg Steppuhn and site manager Felix Lenzen, all of Hochtief Solutions, presented on the Norra Laenken road tunnel project in Stockholm, Sweden. This article gives an overview of both the design and construction for the Lot NL 35
project, including the pre-grouting works, the drill and blast operations and a new concept for inner lining

Ultra rapid under pass 18 April, 2013 URUP is a shaftless shield technology. The TBM is launched and arrives at ground level and drives under shallow cover without ground treatment. The result is significant cost savings, reduced construction time and reduced environmental impact. The technology was presented at the September 2012 BTS meeting by Makoto Kanai and Akihiro Nishimori of Obayashi.

Under fire under work 13 March, 2013 The risk of fire in tunnels under construction can be reduced in several ways. At the November 2012 BTS meeting Barry O’Donoghue, Mott MacDonald site contract manager; Francois Pogu, Vinci's Lee Tunnel project director; Dave Bulbrook, London Fire Brigade group manager; and Donald Lamont of Hyperbaric & Tunnel Safety reviewed the Storbelt and A86 Socatop tunnel fires, protocol for working with fire brigade and current legislation required for contractors.

Blast Protection Design 27 February, 2013 The security of tunnels against potential detonated explosions from within and outside the tunnel structure is a main challenge facing to owners and operators of tunnel systems, particularly those used for vehicle or rail traffic. This paper by Sunghoon Choi of Parsons Brinckerhoff USA introduces a design practice recently developed for protecting underground structures from explosion in USA

Brenner behemoth 31 August, 2012 Professor Konrad Bergmeister, CEO of the Brenner Base Tunnel Company presented the project to the May BTS meeting

New compressed air guidelines 10 July, 2012 The March BTS meeting marked the launch of the joint ITA and BTS guidelines for good working practice in high-pressure compressed air (HPCA). BTS input had been through its Compressed Air Working Group. Donald Lamont, principal author of the document, summarised the guidelines. Werner Burger, chief design engineer for Herrenknecht spoke on the problems of HPCA for a manufacturer. Tony Ridley of Tony Ridley Hyperbaric Associates outlined UK experience with HPCA. And Claus Mayer, managing director of Nordseetaucher gave an account of his experiences with HPCA

Chile mine rescue 17 May, 2012 In 2010 the world was gripped by an unfolding drama as tense as the Apollo 13 crisis of some 40 years earlier. This time the story was much closer to home in Chile, though, as it turned out, the challenges proved at least as great to resolve and no less remote. At February’s joint meeting between the BTS and Minsouth, mine rescue expert Brian Robinson gave a presentation on the rescue operation and its implications for past, present and future underground works

Tunnelling induced settlements in London clay 20 April, 2012 Robert Mair of Cambridge University, Jamie Standing of Imperial College and Keith Bowers of London Underground presented three papers on the effects of settlement in London Clay at a joint meeting of the BTS and British Geotechnical Association in January

Assessing face Stability 29 September, 2011 Spyridon Konstantis of UK-based consulting giant Arup was a runner up in the British Tunnelling Society 2011 Harding Prize with this paper on the probabilistic assessment of face stability conditions for shallow tunnels in soft ground. T&TI presents this article drawn from the paper he presented

Predicted and encountered deformations 25 August, 2011 Andreas Feiersinger of Dr. Sauer Company was the runner up in the British Tunnelling Society 2011 Harding Prize for this paper comparing deformations predicted using 3D Finite Element Analysis with those encountered on the Green Park station upgrade in London

Safety in numbers 03 May, 2011 Cyber security has become a higher priority for banks, which are having to fend off increasing numbers of attacks seeking to defraud them or steal valuable customer data. Tim Hind of Barclays Bank explains to Jim Banks how the industry is facing down the latest threat, and why the consensus is that collaboration is key.

The 2010 Harding Lecture (Part 2) 01 December, 2010 British Tunnelling Society, Harding Lecture, 15th April 2010

The 2010 Harding Lecture (Part 1) 01 December, 2010 British Tunnelling Society, Harding Lecture, 15th April 2010

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