T.R.H.A Ltd is a specialist tunnelling company established in 1997. We provide expert services related to all hyperbaric techniques associated with modern tunnelling applications, together and in parallel with related Tunnel / TBM ; Safety, Medical, Occupational Health, Confined Spaces, Rescue & Extrication - Training and Supports

Contact Details

Tony Ridley Hyperbaric Associates Ltd
Church Farm
NR14 7DE
United Kingdom
Company Tel: +44 1508 538838
Company Fax: +44 1508 538938
Company Email: info@hyperbaric-tunnelling.com
Company Website: www.hyperbaric-tunnelling.com

Key Personnel

: Danny Murray
: Ryan Hogg
: Tony Ridley

Company Details

Year Established: 1997
VAT No: GB 688 5961 58
Company Type: Consultant, Contractor
URL: www.hyperbaric-tunnelling.com

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