A safe tunnel is first and foremost a well-lit tunnel.
Today over 600,000 Schréder tunnel lighting fittings are installed in tunnels worldwide.

Schréder is your trusted partner to offer you complete tunnel lighting solutions. From the photometrical study to commissioning and compliance checks, from design to luminaire and control systems set-up, our teams of tunnel lighting engineers provide an intelligent control solution that can be easily integrated into the main tunnel control network.
All Schréder tunnel lighting solutions ensure perfectly safe areas with minimised total cost of ownership and long lasting performance.
NorthConnex in Australia, Huguenot Tunnel in South Africa, Nordøyvegen in Norway, Tamoios Tunnel in Brazil, Chamoise Tunnel in France, Carlin Tunnel in Nevada - USA, Anderson Road Underpass in Hong Kong, Tangent Tunnel in Brussels - Belgium, the Snowsheds of Glacier National Park in Canada, the Bet Zavava Tunnel in Israel, Co Ma Tunnel in Vietnam and St Lawrence River Seaway Tunnel in Canada are just a few of our references.

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