Protan is a multinational manufacturer of PVC coated fabrics. Our flexible ventilation ducts are exported to tunnels and mines globally. All our ventilation ducts are based on the company’s proprietary design. Protan is ISO 9001 and 140001 certified and has its own laboratory were all our products are tested. Further to our flexible ducting we manufacture custom designed ventilation details such as bends, crosses, Y-pieces and T-sections. All details are optimized to reduce the resistance in the airflow and to minimize the power consumption of the fans. Protan is proud to have contributed with top quality ventilation ducting to projects such as; Brenner Basis Tunnel, Austria and the Folloline tunnel in Norway to mention a few. Our design is optimized to give top strength in all relevant direction as well as severely minimizing tears in the ducting. Protan has an international team to support our customers around the world.

Contact Details

Protan AS (Ventiflex)
PO Box 420
Company Tel: +47 32 221600
Company Email: [email protected]
Company Website: http://www.dsiunderground.at/

Key Personnel

Director: Pal Fossum
Technical Manager: Rolf Halvorsen

Company Details

VAT No: NO 983 599 060
No of Employees : 501-1000
Company Type: Manufacturer
URL: http://www.dsiunderground.at/
URL: http://www.dsiunderground.at/

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