Normet develops, manufactures and markets equipment and construction chemicals for selected customer processes in underground mining and tunnelling, including charging, scaling, underground logistics, lifting & installations, sprayed concrete, rock support, water control, TBM technology and waterproofing. Normet’s real differentiator to our customers is the application know-how combing equipment, services, construction chemicals and rock reinforcement to deliver superior customer value.

Contact Details

Ahmolantie 6
Company Tel: +358 17 83241
Company Fax: +358 17 823606
Company Email: info@normet.com
Company Website: www.normet.com

Key Personnel

Vice President, China: Daniel Yang
resident and CEO, Normet Group: Ed Santamaria
Senior Vice President, North America: Greg Hallett
Senior Vice President, Europe, Middle-East & Africa: Jukka Kurhinen
Senior Vice President, Latin America: Marcelo Anabalon
Senior Vice President, APAC: Neil Fitzmaurice
Vice President, India: Subhasis Mohanty

Company Details

VAT No: FI 19545158
Company Type: Manufacturer

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