Mining Equipment has been supplying the tunnelling and mining industries with quality rebuilt equipment for more than 30 years. Mining Equipment has a huge inventory of diesel, battery and trolley locomotives, muck cars, flat cars, concrete agitators, and other rolling stock. Mining Equipment also builds new locomotive and rolling stock. Mining Equipment also has a large inventory of rubber-tired equipment including drill jumbos, scooptrams and trucks.

Contact Details

Mining Equipment Ltd
484 Turner Dr.
Ste. 201C
United States
Company Tel: +1 970 2590412
Company Fax: +1 970 2595149
Company Email: mpope@miningequipmentltd.com
Company Website: www.miningequipmentltd.com

Key Personnel

Vice President: Matt Pope
Vice President: Robert Pope

Company Details

Year Established: 1981
Company Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
URL: www.miningequipmentltd.com

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