The company has been manufacturing in the UK for more than 40 years a range of phenolic GRP pipes and ducting, polyurethane products, GRP rockbolts, ventilation ducting products and electronic gas detection. Flexadux Plastics Limited, a subsidiary of Schauenburg, are able to offer a worldwide service from our Gainsborough UK plant.

Contact Details

Flexadux Plastics Ltd
Flexadux Building
Grange Road
Corringham Road Industrial Estate
DN21 1QB
United Kingdom
Company Tel: +44 1427 617547
Company Fax: +44 1427 811170
Company Email: sales@flexadux.co.uk
Company Website: www.flexadux.co.uk

Key Personnel

Managing Director: Chris Simpson
Administrator: Deirdre Speed

Company Details

VAT No: GB 755 3906 10
No of Employees : 1-20
Company Type: Manufacturer

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