CODEL's tunnel atmosphere monitoring system, designed exclusively for road tunnel applications, offers a family of monitors that provide all the essential measurements necessary to monitor the tunnel atmosphere. This is achieved with a modular design concept so that the user's precise monitoring requirements can be satisfied with a minimum number of components, minimum tunnel cabling and minimum installation costs. CODEL sensors are installed in over 400 road and rail tunnels worldwide.

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CODEL International Ltd
Station Building
Station Road
DE45 1GE
United Kingdom
Company Tel: +44 1629 814351
Company Fax: +44 870 0566307
Company Email: sales@codel.co.uk
Company Website: www.codel.co.uk

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Managing Director: David Coe
Development Manager: Richard Hallam

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Year Established: 1985
VAT No: GB 379 1096 23
Company Type: Manufacturer

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