Brookville Equipment Corporation designs and manufactures customizable diesel, battery and trolley rail-mounted and rubber-tired haulage and transportation equipment, including locomotives, personnel carriers and combination vehicles. Customizable Brookville units come in ranges of four to 50 tons with variable gauges of 24 to 48 inches (610-1220mm). Recent product innovations include remote control, LED gauge panels and integrated rearview cameras for enhanced operational safety and efficiency.

Contact Details

Brookville Equipment Corporation
175 Evans Street
PO Box 130
United States
Company Tel: +1 814 8492000
Company Fax: +1 814 8492010
Company Email: info@brookvillecorp.com
Company Website: www.brookvillecorp.com

Key Personnel

Vice President, Operations: Brent McNeil
Vice President, Business Development: Joel McNeil
Sales Manager: Matt Melillo
Director of Sales: Michael White
President: Rick Graham

Company Details

Year Established: 1918
No of Employees : 101-500
Company Type: Manufacturer
URL: www.brookvillecorp.com

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