BASF Construction Chemicals – Solutions for Underground Construction. BASF, with its Master Builders Solutions, is a world leader in the provision of reliable, customer-oriented solutions, expert engineering knowledge and training workshops focused on your needs in the tunneling industry. Admixtures for sprayed concrete - Accelerators, superplasticizers, hydration control, concrete improvement, fibers and pumping aids for durable sprayed concrete. Pre-injection and injection - Water stopping, ground consolidation, crack sealing and concrete rehabilitation products including the widest range of injection microcements and grouts. TBM Solutions - Soil conditioners, anti-wear & dust agents, tail sealants, main bearing greases and annulus grouts for EPB and hard rock TBM tunnelling, suitable for projects with the largest diameters. Waterproofing - Spray applied, double bonded waterproofing membrane, preventing water ingress and migration of groundwater, and enabling optimization of the tunnel lining design. Fire Protection - Cementitious sprayed thermal barrier preventing explosive concrete spalling, preserving the strength of structural concrete and reinforcement tensile strength. We tackle all of your problems safely, cost-efficiently and time-effectively. Contact our specialists for further information.

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Salzachstrasse 2-12
Company Tel: +49 621 60 91013
Company Email: matthew.ross@basf.com
Company Website: www.ugc.basf.com

Key Personnel

Regional Head North America: Jim Lindsay
Regional Head Europe: Arvid Dokken
Regional Head South America: Hartmut Claussen
Regional Head Asia Pacific: Matt Ross

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Company Type: Manufacturer, Supplier

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