Towards the rising sun

14 July 2011

With the new focus on regional responsibilities within the T&T team, this is my first day looking after the Asian market for the magazine. The first things I noticed were all these projects (some quite major) that I hadn’t picked up much on before.

It should be an interesting few months as we get to grips with new contacts, projects, clients and local challenges, but you should see an improved global coverage in the magazine as we are able to concentrate in more and more detail on each continent.

If there is anything going on in your neck of the Asian woods, give me a call: +44 207 336 5257 or email me:

Maurice is looking after Europe and Nicole is still our editor of the Americas and manages Tunnels and Tunnelling North America. But email any of us and we will pass you on to the right contact.

On another note, Jon and I have set up our own personal twitter accounts for tunnels business and inter-team rivalry, follow me @TunnelsNewsEd and him @TunnelsEditor, but preferably just follow me.