Long sight, deep dive

21 November 2022

With so much up the air, it seems, as costs and economics bust out of their cages and politicians take to deciding what to do, for the best, recently some noises came to be made about cutting construction projects.

Lessons from previous times were supposedly learned, that investing in the fabric of a nation, the infrastructure that is the bedrock of connection, the foundation for civilisation, sets the scene for recovery and growth, long term. Chopping into the body is not trimming fat.

So, quite odd to hear that holler rise up again.

But sufficient politicians among the government appear to recognise the long benefits to be gained from infrastructure.

The axe, therefore, did did fall in a sudden sweep.

Investing for the future is key. It is a vision for a common wealth.

Vision happens in industries too, such as the work given a spotlight in this issue in a feature describing how the BTS, some 25 years on from introducing what came to be the internationally-renowned BTS/ ICE Specification for Tunnelling, is working to bring out the Fourth Edition.

Much time and effort is being invested by many in the industry to enhance, further still, that common good. They are bringing a body of latest knowledge into being, to benefit many tunnellers now and into the future, and therefore the important underground infrastructure yet to be built.

In this issue, we look at other knowledge sharing, too, such as research and case studies in ground improvement discussed at ISSMGE’s symposium, in Cambridge, earlier this year.

Separately, the issue also has a paper examining a refinement of time risk management – against a past project: Uri, in India.

Also carried in the issue are features on two projects sharing key aspects of their execution – use of diaphragm walls and surveying, respectively.

Education. Sharing. How the future can be prepared for, as much as can be.

Patrick Reynolds Editor