Getting involved

22 October 2012

While the Gregorian calendar may mark the start of the New Year in January, for many the autumn signi¬fies the beginning of a new venture as students go back to school. Here in the northern hemisphere especially, this season is traditionally a time to reflect on the successes and hard work of the harvest, and to be thankful for the bounty in our lives.

It's quite fitting that Tunnels North America is embarking on a new journey this autumn. You should by now have noticed our new look, but more importantly, we are pleased to announce our partnership with the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC). Last year Tunnels North America became a bimonthly magazine and the response was overwhelmingly positive. This move opened the floodgates for the magazine to grow, both in size and quality.

Don't be mistaken, for us the direction we are moving is more important than the speed at which we are going. The North American edition of Tunnels and Tunnelling has been a successful venture, nourished and finessed over the past two decades and more. These efforts have not gone unnoticed. And, as the off0069cial magazine of the TAC, we are more than ever focused on making sure we continue to provide the highest-quality news coverage, most in-depth site reports and technical reviews at the forefront of this advancing industry.

This major milestone is one to be celebrated. However, as journalists, our job and our goal are one and the same, to serve our readers.

There are any number of ways to be sure we are doing that. As one part of this we are now introducing our new Editorial Advisory Board (EAB), which will provide an additional and stronger voice for our readership.

The EAB is made up of elected members from the TAC and overseen by a permanent chair. The editorial team will meet twice a year with the EAB to review the past issues of the magazine and plan future coverage.

We are very excited to start this relationship with the TAC and welcome their expertise. And I know I speak for everyone on the Tunnels team when I say, you, too, are welcome to weigh in on the magazine. Share your insight, opinions -- even the critical ones -- and knowledge with us. This isn't the first milestone we've reached nor the last, and we invite you to be part of it