Bla Bla... And a brighter future

29 December 2021

So, here we are at the end of another year. I guess I could drone on, Greta Thunberg style, about how difficult these 12 months have been for us all bla bla bla; the pandemic bla bla bla; the amazing T&T redesign bla bla bla. But I won’t.

Instead, I’d like to focus on an interesting story I read last week in The Washington Post. Africa is growing at unprecedented rates. According to predictions, by the year 2100, it will be the only continent experiencing population growth and will have 13 of the world’s 20 biggest cities (it has just two today). It will also have a third of the world’s population. Lagos alone is projected to have a population of 80 million.

How wonderful all this could be. That troubled continent has had more than its fair share of exploitation, wars, famines and disasters, and to see it flourishing will be a huge boost to the planet. Who knows, by then it could even become a major aid donor, although hopefully, by then, aid will not be needed by any country anywhere.

Some regard the exponential growth of global population with alarm, given that food production rates rise only linearly – hence, in theory, there can never be enough food produced. Well fear not. And don’t heed Malthus. Every human being born into this life comes with two hands and, more importantly, a brain. The more brains in existence, the greater problem-solving capacity there will be, especially as more people will likely have access to a formal education.

Furthermore, the predicted population explosion will likely have another beneficial consequence: the increased density and resulting congestion will stimulate more high-rise buildings and more underground construction. Once the spectre of climate change has been ameliorated, today’s children could live to see a tunnelling bonanza.

And on that optimistic note, we really have come to the end of another year. It just remains for me, on behalf of the entire T&T team, to wish you all a blessed Christmas and a healthy, successful 2022. A big thank you to you, our readers, contributors and our loyal advertisers. See you in the New Year, bla bla bla.

George Demetri Editor