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What goes up
19 December, 2013
Ensuring the correct lifting strategy is vital to the success of any tunnelling project, reports technical journalist Bernadette Ballantyne.

Forward March
19 December, 2013
Bahram Salehi and Mahsa Shahandeh present their work on the validation of TBM advance rate predictions, with reference to a case study in Iran.

One machine, two modes
12 December, 2013
Hybrid machines gain ground in the industry. Desiree Willis, technical writer for Robbins reports on the increase in demand, and asks why.

South by Southwest
12 December, 2013
The southern states grapple with water supply as drought conditions worsen and stormwater from flash floods cause damage for homes and businesses

Bay area breakthrough
12 December, 2013
Excavation of the entire 18,660ft New Irvington Tunnel is complete in San Francisco. On October 8 two crews of miners from the Southland/Tutor Perini JV met underground with a roadheader digging away at the last final feet of rock.

Tropical weathering
12 December, 2013
Maria Cecilia Sierra of Colombia-based engineering services, design and management provider Integral discusses the geotechnical behaviour of underground excavations in volcano-sedimentary rocks in tropical sand.

Growing underground
11 December, 2013
Ever more efficient mine development infrastructure, and geotechnical planning, are key to expanding production at major mines. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Inroads below
04 December, 2013
TBMs, hybrids, and pipejacking technology are finding greater applications and opportunities in mining, reports Patrick Reynolds

Infrastructure expansion
04 December, 2013
Mining developments in Queensland require major port expansion. One of the largest schemes is underway at Gladstone. Technical journalist Adrian Greeman reports

Automated goldfields
04 December, 2013
Australia's deep mines have stuck to tried and tested manual drill operations until recently. But a few mines are testing out computerised rigs, a possible prelude to fuller automation. Technical journalist Adrian Greeman reports from one in Western Australia's Kalgoorlie region

Golden soil and wealth for toil
04 December, 2013
Few countries have as many mineral resources as Australia, and in such quantities, from coal and oil to iron, gold and nickel. Mining and other extraction is an increasingly large part of the economy, reports technical journalist Adrian Greeman

STUVA preview
04 December, 2013
Every two years STUVA hosts a tunnelling conference and the 2013 edition takes places this month in Stuttgart, Germany

Extreme Immersion Design
04 December, 2013
The Second Coen Tunnel must survive severe loadings during the usage phase: 16m of water in the middle of the North Sea Canal and 8m of soil at the banks. The determining design scenarios were the sea transport of two days and possible impact by a sunken ship. This article goes into the general immersed tube principle and the construction and transport phases. The usage phase will be covered in the next article, to be published in an upcoming issue of Tunnels

Euro Millions
04 December, 2013
Danny Richards, senior economist at Timetric takes a look at key trends in the infrastructure and wider construction markets in Western Europe, with projections forward to 2017

Germ Warfare
11 October, 2013
Peter Hughes of the university of central lancashire, uK, looks at the effects of spreading biological material on concrete linings in tunnels

Cable guy
10 October, 2013
A new cable tunnel has gone seemingly without a hitch in the Willesden/harlesden neighbourhoods of North London. Alex Conacher tours the site with Murphy’s tunnelling project manager Keith Pollard.

Down the road
10 October, 2013
Roadheaders, the underdog of the tunnelling industry, have secured their place as a economical and variable excavation tool, ideal for short drives and changing ground. Technical journalist Rhian Owen examines the principles.

River Wild
10 October, 2013
The Polish government has announced plans to finance the drilling of the twin 2.06km-long tunnel in the Mały Lubon massif and the twin 2.27km-long tunnel in the Wałbrzyskie mountains. The investments are to be part of Poland’s PLN 35.7bn (USD 11.07bn) road development plan for the years 2011 to 2015. Jaroslaw Adamowski reports on the latest boost to Polish tunneling.

Crossrail in practice
10 October, 2013
As Crossrail, Europe’s largest civil engineering project, reaches the advanced point of construction, Simon Pugh, lead engineer in the route Control Centre for Crossrail presents to the BTS and Minsouth audience about how it is built and how it will be run

Heavy Metal
10 October, 2013
The central nippon expresway company’s Makoto Yamawaki, Masahiro nakata, and atsunori ishida give Tunnels a preview of their assessments of countermeasures for excavated soil containing heavy metals at the shin tomei expressway’s gakudozan tunnel project. the final paper has been submitted for presentation at WTC 2014