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  Date 2011
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T&T Awards shortlist
09 November, 2011

The tale of three cities
10 June, 2011
The market for tunnelling in North America is strong but also struggling due to political and financial pressures, and more recently public outcry. Nicole Robinson profiles tunnelling projects in New York, Seattle and Toronto

Moving forward under Second Avenue
09 June, 2011
The hustle and bustle of New York’s streets doesn’t stop at the pavement. Beneath the city a number of subway projects are taking shape to provide transit for more than eight million residents plus the tourists who flock there every year. Nicole Robinson reports on tunnelling for the new subway line beneath Second Avenue

Big city constraints
13 April, 2011
The first phase of New York City’s long-awaited Second Avenue Subway line is under construction. Nicole Robinson talks to Schiavone Construction Co. LLC’s Julio Martinez and Chris Cosenzo about the challenges of tunneling in the densely-populated east side of Manhattan

Coasting along
13 April, 2011
As clients deal with financial constraints, the tunneling industry in the East Coast region may see limited growth over the next few years. But with all of the work in New York, plus clean water regulations elsewhere, the market should hold steady, Nicole Robinson finds