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Closed form tunnel analysis methods
07 September, 2021
In the first of a series of articles, Stephen Doran looks at closed-form tunnel analysis methods, their background and how they can provide an insight into the underlying assumptions used in software

Band of brothers or distant cousins?
30 April, 2021
Martin Knights FREng, former ITA President, compares the functions and fortunes over the past 50-odd years of the British Tunnelling Society and the International Tunnelling Association

The Avon House Case
19 May, 2020
Paola De Pascali talked with Paul Perry, associate director of Hewson consulting Engineers, about the infamous case of Avon House at the Bond Street Station Upgrade (BSSU) project and how it represents an example of sensitive building, which required a detailed investigation and mitigation measures

Alan Thomas Winter (1952-2019)
20 January, 2020
It is almost a year since Alan died unexpectedly in January 2019. Those who worked with Alan respected his immense knowledge and vast practical experience that he brought to bear for the benefit of numerous projects and clients. In addition, Alan was also well known and admired for his sense of humour and quick ability to add wit to alleviate the stress of crisis.

School’s in
22 January, 2018
Paola De Pascali looks at an array of the education and training programmes for underground construction that are on offer around the world

Upgrading bond Street
29 June, 2017
London Underground Bond Street Station Upgrade Project (BSSU) is due for completion and open to public in April. In December’s British Tunnelling Society Meeting, the project was told from the perspective of the SCL designer and the contractor working in a one team environment. Through innovation and utilising the latest technology they pushed the SCL design boundaries and developed a safe system of work by minimising the impact on infrastructure while optimising the excavation times to create necessary additional underground space. The speakers were Richard Watts, project manager, London Underground; Steve Nuttall, project director, Color; Andreas Spiegl, principal tunnel engineer, Dr Sauer & Partners and senior SCL engineer on site

It’s warmer down below
14 March, 2016
Paul Perry reviews Sir Harold Harding's autobiography: ‘It’s warmer down below’, edited by Amanda Davey.

One machine, two modes
12 December, 2013
Hybrid machines gain ground in the industry. Desiree Willis, technical writer for Robbins reports on the increase in demand, and asks why.

Cleaning up the capital
19 June, 2013
A TBM launch this spring in Washington DC is the first of several to come as the capital cleans up its CSOs. Nicole Robinson looks at the Blue Plains Tunnel.

Sprayed overbridges
06 June, 2013
SCL overbridges at tottenham court road. Andreas Feiersinger of dr. Sauer & partners, and Phillip Lea of Halcrow were the authors of this paper, which was presented at the March meeting of the british tunnelling Society

TCR a century on: five worksites in one
18 October, 2011
Tottenham Court Road is undergoing two major development projects, for Crossrail and London Underground. The ageing station’s concrete structure has had over 100 years to set and with few records to warn of what lies beyond it, tunnellers have to be ready for anything - there are even rumours of a discarded TBM. Alex Conacher visits the site and meets with resident tunnelling bigwigs

The end of one man’s era at Halcrow, marks a UK tunnelling legacy
28 July, 2011

Excavating Olafs
21 December, 2010
Driving the Olafs Tunnel was the longer and the tougher challenge by far of the two road tubes on the Hedinsfjordur project, the main cause being groundwater

Atlantic Ocean tunnels in Norway
11 November, 2010
At the June British Tunnelling Society meeting, Prof. Eivind Grov, former vice-president of the International Tunnelling Association and president of the Norwegian Tunnelling Society gave a presentation on road tunnels being built along Norway’s western coast

Saving the tunnel customer
19 October, 2010
Although passing through tunnels is statistically one of the safest means of transport, major incidents have given the impression of wider potential danger. The aftermath of the Mont Blanc Tunnel fire and tunnel safety surveys have highlighted real areas of concern. Much of the subsequent attention has been on protecting tunnel structure by so-called ‘passive’ means, but humanitarian concerns must be focused on the speed of getting travellers away from the hazardous areas as soon as possible, for the dangers to life work much more quickly than dangers to structure. Maurice Jones reviews some best practice and developments to improve the chances of survival

West Ham Flood Alleviation Scheme
26 July, 2010
For the May 2010 meeting of the British Tunnelling Society Steve Lousley of Southern Water, John Sweetnam of Aecom and Andrew Morgan and Tony Parsons of Costain made a presentation on the West Ham Flood Alleviation Scheme in London

Beneath the barrier
10 June, 2010
The St Petersburg Flood Barrier is the largest and most complex flood protection project in the world including six sluice complexes, a road tunnel, a movable bridge, 23km of dams, a six-lane highway and two closable openings for shipping traffic. Garry Whitaker of Halcrow reports

Feeling the heat
10 February, 2010
Tunnelling through a mountain is tricky at the best of times, but when the conditions are arid and your explosives have to be kept under armed guard, things get a whole lot trickier. Emma Gritt reports

Deep seated
24 October, 2009
South Korea is constructing the deepest immersed tube roadway attempted at a depth of 48m

Forty Years of Tunnels & Tunnelling
02 June, 2009
A retrospective view by Colin Mackenzie