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W&F’s Emscher sewers
30 January, 2012

Slurry breakthrough around Antwerp
14 June, 2011

Powering up at Linthal-Limmern
14 March, 2011
The topography of alpine and similar mountainous areas presents both many challenges and opportunities for tunnelling engineers. Whereas the current focus has naturally been on rail base-tunnels, the business of constructing and expanding hydropower facilities continues apace. Maurice Jones summarises recent developments at the Linthal-Limmern hydropower complex

Aker Wirth will deliver TBM to Switzerland
12 February, 2010

Osterberg rail bores begin
20 April, 2009

From woe to go
30 January, 2009
Barbara Stack, author of the Encyclopaedia of Tunnelling, Mining & Drilling Equipment, describes the birth of recessed and back loading cutters

Weinberg bore ready
23 September, 2008

Finnetunnel 2nd launch prepared
23 September, 2008

The making of the Mixshield - Part 1
05 June, 2008
In the first of a two-part series, Werner Burger, head of design and engineering, and Gerhard Wehrmeyer, director of traffic tunnelling, for Herrenknecht AG, examine the development of the modern Mixshield

Finnetunnel underway
28 May, 2008

High-tech conveyor solutions
06 May, 2008
Hi-tech tunnel conveying systems can offer unique solutions to complex site and transport logistics. Deputy editor, Amanda Foley, looks at some recent projects case histories

?Gearing up for Finne tunnel
31 August, 2007

Intermediate hole through in Munich
07 August, 2007

Grouft lining underway
07 August, 2007

Bilfinger JV drives for home in Cologne rail
03 July, 2007

SMART finishes, steps out
10 April, 2007

Herrenknecht twins coming along nicley
07 February, 2006

SMART termination move in Malaysia
01 February, 2006

SMART tunnel breaks through
01 February, 2005

Belgium's big breakthrough
01 November, 2004