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Modern shotcrete rigs assist Chinese project
01 June, 2005

Managing risk at T5
01 April, 2005
The very well attended 20 January 2005 meeting of the British Tunnelling Society heard a presentation by Ian Williams, the T5 Tunnels Delivery Manager for BAA who described some of the key aspects of managing risk for the tunnelling carried out for the Terminal 5 project at Heathrow

Flexible NATM at Nollinger Berg West
01 September, 2004
Johannes Horner of consultant, iC consulenten, and Manfred Sachs of contractor, Östu-Stettin, describe here how a flexible approach to NATM was used to construct the 1.3km long Nollinger Berg West road tunnel through mixed geology

Shotcrete extremes at Kárahnjúkar
01 March, 2004

Evolution in shotcrete technology
01 October, 2003
Increasingly, emphasis within the industry is towards a 'holistic' development of sprayed concrete technology. Assistant editor, Amanda Foley, looks at some of the recent developments in shotcrete materials and talks to two of the industry's leading materials and equipment suppliers

The ART of success under Heathrow
01 September, 2003
Exactly one year after tunnelling commenced on the 1.3km long twin-bore Airside Road Tunnel (ART) project, under the UK's busiest airport taxi-ways, breakthrough was successfully achieved. Ian Williams, BAA project leader, and Selby Thacker, production leader for the Morgan Vinci JV, describe the challenges met during the project

Tunnelling alliance
05 August, 2003

Lining & Support Products - continued
01 August, 2003
The latest lining and support products - continued

Austrian victory
15 October, 2002

Heathrow's ART takes off
01 July, 2002
In the sensitive confines of an airside tunnel construction site, planning ahead to minimise settlement near a busy runway is vital. Tris Thomas reports from the ART project at the UK's Heathrow airport where extensive measures have been undertaken to aid the smooth construction of the project's 1.3km long, 8.1m i.d. twin tunnels

Tunnel Support Products
20 August, 2001

Transport Products
20 August, 2001

Microtunnelling manufacturers
09 June, 2001
T&TI reviews the major suppliers of small bore, remote controlled tunnelling equipment.

Shotcrete suppliers
02 May, 2001
Some leading suppliers of shotcreting equipment and materials, and their recent product introductions, are reviewed here by the staff of 'T&T International'

Ancient route to the East revived
02 May, 2001
The Egnatia highway in Greece is the country's biggest ever construction project and one of Europe's most important. Adrian Greeman visited the project headquarters and several key sites.

China makes new links
07 April, 2001
China is pushing ahead with an extensive railway programme and tunnels feature heavily, reports Adrian Greeman, after a visit to the newly begun work in central north China.

Soft ground pipe jack for Bogota interceptor
07 April, 2001
Bernard Théron, chief engineer, CSM Bessac (Soletanche Bachy Group) reports on how the first soft-ground tunnel jacking in Colombia has been saving time and trenching.

World's set fair
01 March, 2001
Tunnelling machinery and major symposiums on tunnelling and microtunnelling will be prime features of Bauma 2001 to be held in Munich from 2-8 April. Mike Winney and T&TI report on major points of interest for tunnel engineers

Giant caverns for minute particles
13 November, 2000
Some of Europe's most interesting tunnel works are under way just outside Geneva, where a major expansion is progressing for the international research centre for particle physics, CERN. Adrian Greeman visited the sites in Switzerland and France for the vast new underground chambers required.

Tunnelling's Cinderella
06 May, 2000
Surface layouts, plant and equipment are not only the first items on view at a tunnelling site, they also have key roles to play in carrying out projects in a reliable and environmentally acceptable manner. Technical journalist Maurice Jones reviews some important categories of plant and equipment used.