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Tideway celebrates tunnelling completion
29 April, 2022
Tunnelling has been completed on London’s Thames Tideway Tunnel ‘super sewer’ after four years of excavation.

Tunnel to restore snowdonian landscape
22 April, 2022
An area of outstanding natural beauty, Snowdonia is scarred by unsightly pylons and overhead high-voltage cables. They will now be removed and placed in a new tunnel that forms part of a visual improvement project. Julian Champkin reports

Positive moves for tunnelling sustainability
22 April, 2022
Moves to deliver sustainability in tunnelling are underway on multiple fronts, including a focus on carbon reduction. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Tunnels and stations that should be deeper
22 April, 2022
Dr N Barton (Nick Barton & Associates, Oslo) and M Abrieu (CVA Consortium, São Paulo) expose the false economies and dangers of shallow tunnelling for metros in urban areas, arguing that deeper tunnels and longer escalators are well worth the extra cost

Necessity fosters innovation
17 March, 2022
Whether for large- or small-diameter tunnels, utility investment calls for more underground methods, ushering in several innovative techniques in the process. Patrick Reynolds reports

Tunneller, lawyer and inventor
17 March, 2022
John Bartlett was a founder member/chairman of the British Tunnelling Society. He invented the bentonite tunnelling machine, designed the UK stretch of the Channel Tunnel and provided critical input into many other projects. Julian Champkin offers this appreciation of his life

Ivor Thomas Interview
21 February, 2022
Past BTS Chair Ivor Thomas has spent a lifetime in civil engineering construction. He spoke to Julian Champkin about the past and future of tunnelling, the need to enthuse the public – and the exciting challenges that the new generation of tunnellers will face

Tunnelling and General Construction Impacts on Utility Pipelines
21 February, 2022
Dr Cheong Kin Gary Choy and Dr Barry New (both of Geotechnical Consulting Group, UK) provide a broad guide and structure to assess the impacts on utility pipelines from various tunnelling and construction activities

Instruments of progress
28 January, 2022
In this second article on closed-form analytical methods, Stephen Doran looks at the results of the available instrumentation and compares them to the predictions from the mathematical models

Dewatering London
29 November, 2021
Dr Toby Roberts, chairman of WJ Group, gave the BTS lecture online in September 2021 on the range of dewatering strategies used to manage groundwater for underground construction in the London Basin. Reported by Mehdi Hosseini of London Bridge Associates

Asset management: Not somebody else’s problem
29 November, 2021
Martin Knights FREng and former ITA President discusses the importance of the intelligent care of ageing assets and gives details of a new initiative tasked with producing guidance on the management of tunnels

Student TBMs battle it out in Las Vegas Boring contest
29 November, 2021
Elon Musk’s Boring Company held its first Not-A-Boring Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada in September which saw student teams from around the world compete to ‘beat the snail’. George Demetri reports on the outcomes

BTS health and safety course start approaches
15 November, 2021
Following the success of its Underground Health and Safety Course over past years, the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) is repeating the two-day event which will run on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 November 2021.

Digital drive
29 October, 2021
Digital technology promises multiple benefits and is making huge inroads in many sectors but its take-up in tunnelling and other infrastructure projects is still at relatively early stages. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Set in stone
11 October, 2021
For centuries the home of quarrying and more recently mining of the eponymous stone, Portland, England could become home to an exciting new visitor attraction housed in a mine and demonstrating the potential of underground space. George Demetri reports

hyperTunnel technique could revolutionise tunnel construction
07 October, 2021
A British scale-up company has turned tunnel construction on its head and unveiled what could prove to be a revolutionary system for creating tunnels.

BTS conference opens its doors to the tunnelling fraternity
29 September, 2021
Having opened on Thursday 30 September, the two-day BTS 2020+1 British Tunnelling Society annual conference and exhibition held at the QE2 Conference Centre, London has started to welcome visitors from around the world.

Set in stone
07 September, 2021
For centuries the home of quarrying and more recently mining of the eponymous stone, Portland, England could become home to an exciting new visitor attraction housed in a mine and demonstrating the potential of underground space. George Demetri reports

Delivering Selina
27 July, 2021
Shannon O’Keeffe, Senior Tunnel Agent for Costain Engineering looks at the complex logistics that were initiated to ensure the successful delivery of a TBM to a Thameside site for the boring of Tideway (Eastern Section)

Florence and Cecilia set off
27 July, 2021
HS2 is the largest transport infrastructure project in Europe. Julian Champkin had a lightening tour of the Chiltern Tunnel portal to see the first of the ten TBMs that will work on the project’s 51km twin-tunnels