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Steps forward in SCL sustainable tunnels
30 August, 2022
Ross Dimmock, vice president for tunnelling at Normet, gave an online talk for the BTS lecture in January to discuss the advancing performance of sprayed concrete lining (SCL) technology in underground construction, including progress to support sustainability

hyperTunnel to debut at the World Tunnelling Congress
04 August, 2022
hyperTunnel will exhibit for the first time at the World Tunnelling Congress (WTC) in Copenhagen next month.

Veronika Petschen – Interview
03 August, 2022
SCAUT, the Swiss Centre of Applied Underground Technology, is pioneering new methods and uses for underground spaces. Veronika Petschen is its newly-appointed managing director. She spoke to Julian Champkin to explain her vision for SCAUT and for future uses of the ground beneath our feet

Research to reduce carbon in SCL
03 August, 2022
Research recently complete on low carbon sprayed concrete (LCSC), including work for HS2,is summarised by participants Chris Peaston of Peaston Concrete Consultancy, Chris Goodier, Sergio Cavalaro and Zhi Hu of Loughborough University, Michael Sataya of Arup, Stuart Manning of Shotcrete Services, and John Reddy of Ecocem

Sightline on sustainability
03 August, 2022
Alun Thomas, of All2plan Consulting, looks at ways sustainability could be achieved in tunnelling through innovation, such as permanent sprayed concrete linings (PSCL) and composite shell linings (CSL)

Going green at high-speed
03 August, 2022
Concrete use on UK’s HS2 rail project is speeding advances in construction sustainability. Report by Patrick Reynolds

MDjv completes HS2 box and tunnel
29 July, 2022
HS2 station contractor Mace Dragados JV (MDjv) has excavated a 20m-deep box and a tunnel for the new Euston station.

Strategies for dewatering
24 June, 2022
Dr Toby Roberts of WJ Group outlines the various dewatering strategies that are possible for cross passages, connection tunnels, caverns and adits

A new approach to tunneling
24 June, 2022
The complexity, cost and risk of tunnelling can be reduced by introducing radical new methods, writes Patrick Lane-Nott, Director of Engineering at hyperTunnel

London power project completes first drive
24 June, 2022
National Grid’s London Power Tunnels (LPT) project completed the first of five drives this week.

Structures to intercept pile loads
23 May, 2022
Cate Anthony was runner up in the BTS Harding Prize 2021 with her paper ‘The Design and Construction of Pile Interception Load Transfer Structures at 6-8 Princes Street for Bank Station Capacity Upgrade’

TfL starts market engagement for Elephant & Castle upgrade tunnelling
09 May, 2022
Transport for London (TfL) has started the tender process for tunnelling works on the Elephant & Castle station upgrade with a pre-procurement market engagement event on May 27.

Tideway celebrates tunnelling completion
29 April, 2022
Tunnelling has been completed on London’s Thames Tideway Tunnel ‘super sewer’ after four years of excavation.

Tunnel to restore snowdonian landscape
22 April, 2022
An area of outstanding natural beauty, Snowdonia is scarred by unsightly pylons and overhead high-voltage cables. They will now be removed and placed in a new tunnel that forms part of a visual improvement project. Julian Champkin reports

Positive moves for tunnelling sustainability
22 April, 2022
Moves to deliver sustainability in tunnelling are underway on multiple fronts, including a focus on carbon reduction. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Tunnels and stations that should be deeper
22 April, 2022
Dr N Barton (Nick Barton & Associates, Oslo) and M Abrieu (CVA Consortium, São Paulo) expose the false economies and dangers of shallow tunnelling for metros in urban areas, arguing that deeper tunnels and longer escalators are well worth the extra cost

Necessity fosters innovation
17 March, 2022
Whether for large- or small-diameter tunnels, utility investment calls for more underground methods, ushering in several innovative techniques in the process. Patrick Reynolds reports

Tunneller, lawyer and inventor
17 March, 2022
John Bartlett was a founder member/chairman of the British Tunnelling Society. He invented the bentonite tunnelling machine, designed the UK stretch of the Channel Tunnel and provided critical input into many other projects. Julian Champkin offers this appreciation of his life

Ivor Thomas Interview
21 February, 2022
Past BTS Chair Ivor Thomas has spent a lifetime in civil engineering construction. He spoke to Julian Champkin about the past and future of tunnelling, the need to enthuse the public – and the exciting challenges that the new generation of tunnellers will face

Tunnelling and General Construction Impacts on Utility Pipelines
21 February, 2022
Dr Cheong Kin Gary Choy and Dr Barry New (both of Geotechnical Consulting Group, UK) provide a broad guide and structure to assess the impacts on utility pipelines from various tunnelling and construction activities