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Culture shift
11 July, 2016
A jobsite incident led subcontractor Joseph Gallagher to the conclusion that piggy-backing on customer behavioural health and safety schemes would no longer be suffi cient. Alex Conacher speaks to managing director Steve Harvey about the process the company went through to implement its ‘Living Incident Free Everyday’ (LIFE) scheme

Read, learn, think
14 March, 2016
After several requests from British engineers, Tunnels and Tunnelling speaks with Bob Ibell, chairman of London Bridge Associates about his career and the unusual set up of his current company, which was formed to escape the whims of corporate decision-makers, and secure work across the project life cycle.

Easy come easy go
14 March, 2016
Relief was probably the general reaction when Seattle Tunnel Partners had been given permission to resume tunnelling by the Washington State Department of Transport.

London Bridge Associates Ltd
11 December, 2015
London Bridge Associates (LBA) is an engineering consultancy specialising in tunnelling, underground works and heavy civil engineering construction.We work at all stages in the project lifecycle providing advice, services and management in construction, engineering, survey, design, programme, cost, assurance, CDM application, and fire safety.We act as consultants using our recognised “industry experts” but also work on an “embedded” basis to strengthen or broaden our clients’ teams at all levels and all project stages.

Silvertown constructability
30 June, 2015
Constructability for tunnel designs has become an increasingly important input into project development for schemes like the new Silvertown crossing in east London, journalist Adrian Greeman Reports.

Young tunnellers at forefront of achievement awards
15 April, 2015
GREAT BRITAIN – Two past chairs of the British Tunnelling Society Young Members (BTSYM) have been shortlisted for the Asian Women of Achievement Awards. Joanne Sui and Anita Wu, both of London Bridge Associates have been nominated for the awards, which were launched over 15 years ago to celebrate the achievements of successful Asian women in British society.

T&T Awards 2011 results
15 December, 2011

London’s VSU project moves closer
30 January, 2009

The Arrowhead Tunnels project
13 August, 2008
Following the British Tunnelling Society’s Annual General Meeting, Brian Fulcher, project director for Shea-Kenny Joint Venture, and Mike Bell, resident engineer for Hatch Mott MacDonald, described overcoming difficult ground conditions and water pressures with two hybrid hard rock TBMs for the Arrowhead Tunnels in Southern California, US

Drill and blast in confined spaces
29 April, 2008
At the joint meeting of the BTS and MinSouth on 21 February 2008, Richard Soloman, project manager for WECS, Damian McGirr, of Donaldson Associates, and Mark Thomas, site manager for WECS, described the drill and blast works on an urban flood alleviation tunnel in Bristol, UK

Monster tunnelling at Glendoe
16 April, 2007
At the March British Tunnelling Society meeting, members from the client, consultant and contractor gave an exhaustive presentation on one of the UK’s largest tunnelling projects

Factors in the Nicoll Highway Collapse
19 February, 2007
The Nicoll Highway collapse, in Singapore, rocked the tunnelling industry. Richard Davies, of Benaim (UK) Ltd, described the events that led to the incident

Competence in the tunnelling industry
01 November, 2002
Prior to their forthcoming lecture, which will be presented to British Tunnelling Society members on 21 November, Douglas Allenby of Edmund Nuttall, Bob Ibell of London Bridge Associates and Peter Jewell of Halliburton KBR, explain the need for an independent assessment of competence within the British tunnelling industry, and discuss current training initiatives

Insuring an industry
01 October, 2002
As a result of some recent high-profile incidents within the industry, insurers have been increasingly concerned that tunnelling was becoming uninsurable in the market. A joint working party, between the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) and the Association of British Insurers (ABI), has since produced a draft Code of Practice that would allow insurers to continue to offer cover. Presentation of the draft Joint Code of Practice to BTS members took place on 4 July 2002, followed by an in-depth discussion

Shotcreting in London Clay
09 June, 2001
Despite the criticisms the New Austrian Tunnelling Method has received – of the practice, if not the theory – following a series of construction collapses, the benefits of sprayed concrete linings cannot be ignored, assuming risk can be minimised.