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Singapore’s latest Circle Line breakthroughs
07 April, 2008

Technical tasks for Tokyo Bay crossing
22 October, 2007
Another tunnelled crossing of Japan’s Tokyo Bay has advanced further the technical possibilities of long undersea tunnel excavation. Tomoaki Takeuchi, group managing engineer of the Construction Department of Tokyo Electric Power Company explains

Thu Thiem awards
17 November, 2005

Singapore's TBM order
01 November, 2004

Finale for CTRL London Tunnels
01 April, 2004

Annie breaks through
28 January, 2004

Kawasaki start
05 August, 2003

Excavation Products - continued
01 August, 2003
The latest excavation products - continued

Excavation Products
01 August, 2003
The latest excavation products

Winning in China
01 November, 2002
While foreign construction companies have widely been able to work in China since 1994, the country's recent membership to the World Trade Organisation coupled with a new national tendering law, is making the process far easier. Keith Wallis examines the current state of the Chinese tunnelling industry and explores recent contract awards and future opportunities for international tunnelling companies

CTRL Section 2 launch
10 September, 2002

Kawasaki in China
10 September, 2002

TBM test
01 July, 2002

Herrenknecht Mixshield for Channel Tunnel Rail Link
01 May, 2002

Fine lining in Bangkok
01 March, 2002
A close working relationship between designer and contractor ensured the successful first use of sprayed concrete for tunnel support under Bangkok, writes Stephen Woodrow of Maunsell, in his entry for the British Tunnelling Society's, Harding Prize award. He describes the design approach adopted in the construction of temporary lining for intervention shaft adits for the city's metro

January 2001 - 2002 News Review
01 February, 2002

DLR looks at new cross-Thames link
01 October, 2001

Eight TBMs for CTRL 2 ordered
09 June, 2001

Bangkok Metro line drives head for home
01 March, 2001

Cutting edge
13 November, 2000
The first large scale version of the DPLEX eccentric head TBM is being proved on a major project in Japan, reports Susumu Uchiyama, of the tunnelling equipment engineering department of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.