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Waterview Connection project accepts 14.5m diameter TBM
26 March, 2013
The start of tunnelling on the NZ Transport Agency's (NZTA) landmark Waterview Connection project in Auckland has moved a step closer with the agency's Well-Connected Alliance formally accepting the machine it will use to construct the twin 2.5km-long tunnels, NZTA stated earlier this month.

Opportunity rocks
27 December, 2012
Hong Kong develops into the main base of operations for the Asia Pacific, while Singapore strives to become to hottest destination for professionals, and both scrap for skilled labour. Alex Conacher speaks to three expats

Advances in SCL design and construction
30 August, 2012
This article presents the state of the art use of sprayed concrete with a variety of waterproofing solutions on major projects in the UK. It discusses the current design of permanent sprayed concrete and sprayed waterproof membranes and how SCL design may progress in the future. Report by Andrew Pickett and Simon Stephenson of Mott MacDonald

TBM moves for London Power
25 April, 2012

Tunnel design investigated in Swiss bus crash that killed 28
22 March, 2012

From sea to shining sea
06 February, 2012
Demand for tunnels in North America is strong to meet public transportation and water conveyance needs. Nicole Robinson highlights projects in the region

T&T Awards shortlist
09 November, 2011

The way of the West
14 June, 2011
While the major cities of California are pouring money into water and transportation projects, Seattle prepares itself for one of the most significant projects the tunnelling industry has seen yet. Nicole Robinson explores west coast market

Subcontinent weathers the storms
14 December, 2010
The combination of crowded cities boasting impossibly over-capacity roads with an increasingly energy-thirsty nation has resulted in a number of government-led tunnelling projects made possible by readily available state funding and foreign development loans, Alex Conacher reports

Dartford safety upgrade
02 June, 2010

Hindhead paving contract
26 May, 2010

Bell Common Tunnel upgrade scheme opened
04 March, 2010

Booth Industries completes work in Bell Tower Common Tunnel
05 February, 2010

Hindhead hit
27 October, 2008
The A3 Hindhead twin bore tunnels, under construction in England, are taking forward the development of permanent SCL. Report and photos by contributing editor Patrick Reynolds

Modernisation on the M25
26 June, 2007
The current operational refurbishment of Europe’s busiest urban road tunnel, the Holmsdale Tunnel on London’s M25 motorway, involves reconfiguration of the ventilation, capacity expansion and complete modernisation of the tunnel fit-out. Report and photographs by technical journalist Adrian Greeman

Design of the UK's Hindhead tunnel
20 June, 2007
Tom Ireland, Mott MacDonald, describes the intricacies of one of the UK’s premier upcoming tunnelling projects

Chasing down risk
15 June, 2007
Despite progress in risk sharing, a survey of PPP players cites tunnelling as an inherently risky asset class. Can a stronger culture of engineering leadership narrow the gap in perception? Report by Patrick Reynolds

Post incident recovery in UK road tunnels
15 February, 2007
Simon Bird, of TRL, summarises a recent ‘best practice’ report on post-incident recovery, commissioned by the UK’s Highways Agency

Issues for operators
23 November, 2006
At the British Tunnelling Society presentation on 21 September, John Gillard, manager of the Mersey Tunnels and Chairman of the Tunnel Operators Association described some of the modern issues facing Tunnel Operators

A3 Hindhead tunnel gets the go-ahead
22 November, 2006