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Mexico’s mega dig
26 December, 2011
Work is underway on Mexico’s largest infrastructure project: the Emisor Oriente. Robbins vice president Joe Roby and Mexico general manager Roberto Gonzalez explain how the wastewater tunnel will save a sinking city

Pipe roof development: the switch to slurry
26 December, 2011
Pipe roofs are gaining increased importance in Japanese jacking philosophy. Toru Sato, general manager at Iseki Polytech, explores the development of the technology

Boom to meet needs
26 December, 2011
The economies of Latin American countries are bucking the global trend and are the strongest they have been for many years. Nicole Robinson and Maurice Jones highlight some market factors and important projects in this increasingly important region for tunneling

Jacked box and structure techniques
26 December, 2011
Box jacking in its various forms provides a safe, reliable means of excavating beneath sensitive infrastructure. James Thomson, chairman of Jacked Structures, explores the options available

New world's largest for northern Russia
26 December, 2011
Plans were recently announced to utilise the world's largest diameter TBM to bore a highway tunnel under the Rive Neva in St Petersburg, Russia, to alleviate seasonal road and river traffic problems. Mikhail Ryzhevskiy of the project concessionaire, LLC Nevskaya Concession Company, explains the background and plans for the project soon to commence

Forward thrust
26 December, 2011
The team behind the Herrenknecht direct pipe method takes a look at the achievements of the system since its launch some four years ago

Ventilation and climate for a 53km trans-Andean base tunnel
26 December, 2011
This paper, adapted from that presented at the Underground Construction conference in London, UK, inApril by Andrea Krpo, describes ventilation concepts, including fire control, for a proposed rail basetunnel through the Andes to improve transport between Argentina and Chile. Co-authors are Mattia Ferrazzini, Michael Flueckiger and Peter Reinke, all of HBI Haerter of Berne, Switzerland

World’s longest structure jack
26 December, 2011
The world’s longest jacked structure forms a highway underpass beneath a road-rail crossing that sits on unreliable Thanet Sands. Alex Conacher reports from site

Overlooking the south
20 December, 2011
Compared to other regions of the U.S. and Canada there are few large-scale projects in the southeast, but that may not be the case for long, Nicole Robinson reports

Immersed in planning
19 December, 2011
Plans for a new immersed tube tunnel in Virginia are underway and the contractual agreement to build it is near. Nicole Robinson looks into the design of the new Midtown Tunnel

19 December, 2011

Full steam to the finish
19 December, 2011
The TBM mining the five-and-ahalf-mile South Cobb Tunnel in Georgia holed through in March of this year, despite hurricanes and unseasonal winter weather along its journey. This milestone came roughly one year ahead of schedule. Nicole Robinson reports on the success at South Cobb

Occupy infrastructure
19 December, 2011

Corrosion proofing to protect sewers
19 December, 2011
In 2006, the EPA reported on emerging technologies in gravity sewer conveyance liners. Since that time some of the technologies in corrosion proofing of segmented liners have emerged. In the first of a two-part series Jon Kaneshiro, David Yankovich and Kenneth Kuhr of Parsons Corporation review available one- and two-pass corrosion proof liner systems

Managing the evolving relationship between the CMAR and project owner
19 December, 2011
The construction-manager-at-risk (CMAR) on the Ina Road Wastewater Reclamation Facility Project in Tucson, Arizona, recently met with the project’s owner, Pima County, to discuss their ongoing progress and collaboration. They agreed there are important steps every CMAR and owner can take to manage the project’s progress, reduce or eliminate project costs, and build the foundation for an effective business relationship

Moving forward in Miami
19 December, 2011
The Port of Miami Tunnel’s journey from initial concept to financial close has not been simple. With the 12.8m diameter TBM finally in the ground Nicole Robinson talks to Rick Wilson, COO and technical manager of the Port of Miami Tunnel project, about site preparation just days before the massive machine begins its journey

Rick Capka returns to Parsons
16 December, 2011

T&T Awards 2011 results
15 December, 2011

Lee Tunnel cutterhead lowered
15 December, 2011

Thiess bags City East Cable Tunnel
15 December, 2011